Blood Type Diet You Didn’t Know

Healthy Eating Plan For Different Blood Types.  Most of us knows a lot about what type of food is good and what is it good for. And vice versa about which food is bad and why. But most of us may not know that different blood types have different types of suitable and food-to-avoid food. This is according to Dr Peter D’Adamo, whom has sold millions of books on this topic about blood type diet. He believes your optimum health is obtained when you eat right for your blood type.

According to him, there are blood type O diet, blood type A diet, blood type B diet and so on. Each blood group have certain food that you should eat and certain food you should avoid. You will find out in detail what they are, and can help you eliminate the common illness and symptoms of allergies you may have been suffering all your life.

Can your blood type determine the way you should eat to have better health and a fuller life?

He believes that blood types are the most important thing when it comes to our health and well-being and that some food can be harmful for one blood type but helpful for other. Also, he claims that even the way you exercise can be closely connected with your blood type, or on the other side, your blood type can cause you some illness.

The Four Basic Blood Types:

1. BLOOD TYPE A: known as “the agrarians” –  B antibody.

2. BLOOD TYPE O: known as “the hunters”-   A antibody.

3. BLOOD TYPE B: known as “the nomads – neither A nor B antibody.”

4. BLOOD TYPE AB: called “the enigmas” – both A and B antibody.

You should take proper food for these four types of blood. ‘O’+ is the most common blood type. Not all ethnic groups have the same mix of 4 types blood. Hispanic people, for example, have a relatively high number of O positive, while Asian people have a relatively high number of B positive.

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