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Ben Stiller Reads Trumps Like, Really Smart Tweet as Zoolander

Like a lot people, Ben Stiller recognized something familiar in Donald Trump’s most recent tweets Saturday morning.

The president’s use of the phrase, “my 2 biggest resources have been mental stability and being, for example, really clever”–an effort to defend himself against allegations that indicate otherwise by a few of his closest advisers in Michael Wolff’s new publication–sounded a lot like one of Derek Zoolander’s most famous quotes.

“I'm fairly sure there’s a good deal more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking,” Stiller’s character mentioned in the first 2001 movie. “And I plan on finding out what’s.”

From the exclusive audio under, Stiller did us the favor of studying Trump’s latest series of tweets aloud as his dim-witted male model personality, and the outcome is actually pure “genius.”

“I wish he’d said ‘like, really, very clever,”’ Stiller wrote The Daily Beast in an email, explaining the 45th president of the United States “includes a weird thing with Zoolander,” after all, “he was at the first one.”

Yes, one of Trump’s many strange cameos from his pre-political career was in that cult-hit movie. With then-girlfriend Melania Knauss by his side–less than two years after his second divorce, out of Marla Maples–his five-second look consisted of the lineup, “Look, without Derek Zoolander, man modeling would not be what it is today.”

Stiller and his Zoolander co-star Owen Wilson returned the favor at February 2016 when they stopped by Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” in their personalities to encourage the movie’s long-awaited sequel and tell some jokes about Trump’s fashion sense while they were in it.

“Donny’s like us. He has the traditional male model seems,” Stiller’s Zoolander said in the moment. “Orange Mocha Crapaccino” and “Hot Mess” as the Trump variations of his “Blue Steel” and “Magnum.”

“And lastly,” he added, “after Iowa, he has a new signature appearance: ‘Second location. ”’

A little over a year later, billionaire Mark Cuban has been publicly speaking to Trump as “the Zoolander president.”

Now, we no longer have to imagine what Trump’s words sound like coming out of Derek Zoolander’s mouth.


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