Before and After CoolSculpting Chin

Before you look at CoolSculpting Chin before and after pictures, it is important to understand what happens to your face as you undergo the procedure. When you have surgery to reduce or eliminate your extra facial fat, some of your natural skin is removed. This is known as liposuction. If you have a naturally larger chin, your doctor may opt to remove more of the fatty tissue under your chin. This is called a full chin reduction.

If you choose to before and after photos to compare before and after your surgery, you will see that the chin fat has already been reduced. Many patients are surprised to see how much thinner their faces have become after the CoolSculpting procedure. There is no other way to explain how much the results actually change in pictures than by using pictures. It is amazing to see the difference that it can make.

There are several different types of CoolSculpting surgeries available. One type is for thinning areas, commonly known as a chin strap. There are many patients who find that this procedure gives them a dramatic result. The areas on the sides of your head can become defined, while the center remains smooth. You can also opt to have the inner cheek and jowls reduced or even removed altogether.

Another type of CoolSculpting is done to lift up your cheeks. This will leave you with a wider face, making you appear younger. The lips do not need to be tightened during the surgery, so patients can choose to have lipstick applied to their lips. A skin rash can be an issue, so CoolSculpting before and after pictures would not show this issue. However, the patients who choose this option often report a lot more youthful looking lips than those who choose to have their lips tightened. The surgery is also not recommended for women with large lips, since the skin in this area can become irritated.

For the patients who are looking to reduce their double chin, there are two types of CoolSculpting available. The first is the Inferior Pedicle technique. With this procedure, small incisions are made in the chin, and extra tissue is removed to create a smaller area for the surgeon to work with. Patients receive skin free skin grafts that are used to create a smaller chin, which reduces the visibility of the scarring.

The second type of CoolSculpting is the Inferior Fractional Collagen Procedure. With this procedure, the entire chain is created smaller, which results in a smaller scar. The skin is sutured into place, and the incisions made are smaller than in the Inferior Pedicle technique. Because fewer incisions are made, patients have lesser chances of infection and the healing process is faster. However, because more collagen is used to achieve the same results as the traditional CoolSculpting procedures, the surgery may be more expensive.

The success rate for CoolSculpting chin surgery is about 70 percent, but this does not mean that every patient will have a successful result. Before the surgery, the doctor will evaluate the type of skin and tissue in the patient. Any irregularities in the patient’s anatomical structure will be taken into consideration. If necessary, the surgeon will perform a biopsy to check for any abnormalities. The results of the biopsies and examinations will help determine if a patient qualifies for the surgery.

It should be noted that before and after pictures will not show all positive results. Before and after photos of patients who have undergone the procedure will be required to meet with the plastic surgeon before and after the surgery. This is so the surgeon can evaluate how well the patient has responded to the procedure. CoolSculpting chin surgery is one of the most popular ways of improving facial features. A patient can improve his or her self-confidence by looking good with a chin that is more attractive.

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