Australia’s Akubra hat girl kills herself after online bullying, family says

A 14-year-old woman who had been the face of Australia’s iconic hat company Akubra killed herself after enduring online bullying, her loved ones said Sunday.

Amy “Dolly” Everett, who began the ad campaign when she was 8, expired last week to “escape the wicked in this world,” her father Tick Everett wrote in a Facebook post.

“This week was an example of how social networking should be utilized, it’s also been an example of how it shouldn’t be,” Everett wrote.

The family released a separate announcement on Wednesday on Australia’s ABC Network stating their kid’s passing was the world “crashing down” about them, but thanked the public to the “overwhelming” support.

“This is all we’re capable of in the moment and request your respect to give us time to grieve,” the family said. “Our daughter Dolly was the kindest, caring, beautiful soul, and she was always caring for animals, small children, other children at boarding school who were less fortunate than herself. ”

Akubra also posted a tribute to Dolly Everett on Tuesday, saying that the company was “shocked and distressed” to listen about the woman’s death.

“We’re shocked and excited to hear of the passing of ‘Dolly’ — that the young woman a number of you may recognize from our past Christmas adverts,” the company wrote on Instagram while sharing a photograph of the woman, shot when she was 6 for the ad.

The messaged lasted: “Dolly chose to end her life to escape the bullying she was being subjected to. She wasn’t even 15 years old. To think that anyone could feel so overwhelmed and that suicide has been their only solution is unfathomable. Bullying of any sort is unacceptable. ”

“Our hearts go out to Dolly’s family and friends. Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett 1.5.2003-3.1.2018,” the company wrote.

Hundreds of individuals expressed their condolences on social networking. The family started a campaign to raise awareness on bullying and harassment. Everett’s father also called for the men and women who bullied their kid to attend the funeral.

“If by some chance the men and women who believed this was a joke and forced themselves feel superior from the continuous bullying and harassment see this post, please come to our support and see the whole devastation you have created,” he said.  

Katherine Lam is a breaking up and trending news electronic producer for Fox News. Follow her Twitter in @bykatherinelam


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