Augmented reality video brings a SpaceX rocket landing to your backyard

SpaceX keeps landing its rockets back on Earth after launching to space. However, in the event that you can’t make it to Florida for a Falcon 9 landing, now you can look it over in augmented reality.

A brand new 20-second video shows what it would be like to observe a mini Falcon 9 initial stage land on a virtual drone ship in a backyard pool.

Usually these kinds of landings happen on a square-shaped drone ship in the Pacific or Atlantic oceans, but hey, the scaled-down version is really awesome in its own right.

Developer Toms Garca established the augmented reality video utilizing ARkit, a tool that allows users to create their own augmented reality videos.

Garca has also produced additional space-themed augmented reality videos, including one displaying a mini-moon landing in a kitchen.


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