Are green roofs and solar panels compatible?

Are green roofs and solar panels compatible?

Alan Burchell from AgTech X( https :// /~ ATAGEND)

He is the founder of Urbanstrong and is a licensed mechanical engineer with fifteen years of experience in the building renewable energy spaces that are energy efficiency.

Target Group

Homeowners with flat roofs Apartment owners
Through public forums for home and apartment owneds It Reduces Electricity Bills Renewable Energy Source Short payback period Low Maintenance Costs New York City dedicates a taxation abatements of up to $62,500 over a four year time period Average lifespan of 25 years Weather Dependent Uses a lot of Space Solar Energy Storage Is Expensive Green roof are known for last for 30 to 50 years When kept well maintained it was able extend the lifespan of the roof by about two years saving cost in other areas It provides a rainwater buffer An surrounding for wildlife Prevents storm water runoff It lowering your heating and cooling costs New York City dedicates a property tax abatement to building owners who are interested in installing green roofs( get paid about $5.23/ SqFt) and other cities also offer green roof incentives as well Creates a noise muffling consequence Average lifespan of between 30 to 50 years Drainage material and a waterproofed membrane are need to be installed on the roof Plant selection is limited Long payback period

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