Apps that help moms keep track of their babies

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If youre a new mom, your smart phone may be a saving grace. With new information hitting the net all the time, a worried mom no longer has to wait for her physicians office to start to discover if that odd noise coming out of your babys mouth is normal. (Hint: it’s.)

In addition to supplying information and an outlet to post the most adorable images smartphones have given way to programs which may help monitor information, set programs, and provide a hint of relief for a project thats one of the toughest and most rewarding on earth.

With the support of a few tech-savvy mothers, we discovered four programs thatll have a little bit of stress off being a new mom.


For biting and breastfeeding mothers, MyMedela is a free award-winning program that helps keep track of babys weight, sleep schedule, and diaper changes. The program can also help you get on a pumping schedule and receive breastfeeding tips and informative info on the fly.

With MyMedelas exclusive Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment, you can get the knowledge needed to accomplish your breastfeeding goals and alleviate the stress taking care of a newborn may cause.

“It helps me feel like I actually know what Im doing.” States Natalie Feinberg from Queens.

As an additional bonus, MyMedela also connects directly into the Sonata Breast Pump, which streamlines tracking, which makes the transition from mom to super mom complete. With Sonata paired with the MyMedela program, mothers can feel confident and supported, receiving personalized and dependable content delivered to their phones, allowing them to stay in addition to their breast milk feeding goals.

“I really don’t think most people today know how hard breastfeeding can be,” says Chelsea Solano from New Jersey. “Sonata’s shot a ton of this stress out and left the entire experience manner, way easier.”

This summer, MyMedela will launch 24/7 LC, a brand new service from Medela that will be available within the program that allows mothers to ask questions directly to a Board Certified Lactation Consultant whenever they want it.

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Simple Habit

When youve got another person being literally based on you for life, your free time becomes a fleeting luxury. So whenever your baby is asleep and you finally have a few minutes to yourself, you dont need to squander it thats why Simple Habits meditation and mindfulness platform is ideal for recharging.

Simple Habit actually super out me, says Kassia Flores, a self-described chill mom from Brooklyn.

I’m very focused after I use it, which I think translates into me being a concentrated mom. Countless meditation sessions are offered for new mothers who want help conquering anxiety, finding happiness, and practicing self love. Definitely worth the $99 annually.

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Hello Belly

Nobody has all the answers when it comes to pregnancy that’s precisely why you are able to benefit from having someone share theirs with you. Hello Bellys got you covered before and after your baby is born also helps alleviate some of your fears with just a bit of humor, art, and levity. Youll get the lowdown from specialists on what you ought to know about your body and what to expect from week to week.

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The Honest Company

On top of the strain of keeping your child warm and happy, youre responsible for maintaining a fully stocked pantry packed to the brim with food, diapers, and vitamins. You Can Imagine Honest Program as Seamless for baby stuff. Its been such a life saver for me, ” says Naomi Barnard, a mother of two from Connecticut. Like seriously, I have moments where Im so tired I cant even get off the sofa, so being able to order diapers in my telephone has been helpful.

Whether you will need baby food, bubble bath, or even laundry detergent they have it all and present you with an easy-to-order port that makes ordering a breeze.

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