Apple rumored to be working on a revolutionary health care project

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Apple is focused on health care more than ever before, and if recent rumors comprise any load, the iPhone could become an essential component of your future visits to the doctor’s office.

The company’s fledgling health care unit reportedly has a crew seeking an ambitious goal: to build a clinical data and register preventing platform for the iPhone. The project aims to create a system that they are able to present every customer a unified health profile for easy access to information about every check-up, experiment ensue, prescription, and more, basically putting your entire medical history right in your pocket.

A platform like this could help to solve the health care industry’s data sharing troubles by making it easier to exchange views, which is referred to as “interoperability.” It would conceivably bring order to the jumbled, disparate structures that currently control our medical histories, which are typically scattered across the records systems of multiple physician’s agencies and hospitals rather than one centralized location.

The team is reaching out to “developers, infirmaries, and other industry groups” to bring them into the fold, according to CNBC, which quotes a half-dozen people familiar with the project as part of the report.

A platform like this would require an entirely new cloud-based structure to host all that data, and one of CNBC’s informants claimed that the Apple team is scouting start-ups in the space for potential acquisitions. Picking one of those companies won’t be a matter of cost, since Apple has more than $250 billion of money on hand; instead, finding the perfect fit to manage the system will be more important.

The Apple team has had discussions with multiple groups either already working to create a more unified system for health registers, according to the sources. They specifically called The Argonaut Project, which wishes to cement interoperability standards across the industry and The Carin Alliance, which is focused on improving customer access to their digital health records.

A shift in focus

The generators told CNBC that the work represents a shift in Apple’s health care strategy, which has thus far been centered on fitness tracking and wellness with the Apple Watch and the iPhone’s HealthKit.

That’s not to say that work has been unsuccessful; the Apple Watch attained headlines recently after it was used as a platform to detect a common heart aberration more precisely than conventional methods, and a non-invasive glucose monitoring prototype spotted on Tim Cook’s wrist could induce the wearable an indispensable medical device for millions. But bringing a revolutionary health care aspect to the iPhone, the most popular smartphone in the U.S ., could shape the company a heavy hitter in service industries instantly.

Apple declined to comment on CNBC’s report, and its reps didn’t respond to our requests for additional information.

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