Ancient Seeds Yield Once Extinct Squash

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Most meals, with the exception of honey and Twinkies, have expiration dates. Natural foods, such as fruits and veggies, slowly rot away over the years, however what about their seeds? Certainly those have an expiration date, right?  

Students from Winnipeg, Canada recently found a stash of 800-year-old seeds while on an archaeological dig. The mysterious seeds, once implanted, grew into a rare species of squash that has been extinct for hundreds of years. While we don’t know if the seeds themselves were safe to consume, the squash that they harvested was absolutely delicious. Have a look at the pictures below to find the rare gourd for yourself and learn more about this discovery.

Students found the seeds buried in a clay pot  in Wisconsin’s Menemonee Reservation.

When they opened it up, they were met with a pile of strange seeds that they decided were over 800 years old. Is it just me, or do these seeds seem  like miniature, oval-shaped pancakes?


While not All the seeds produced fruit, a few rose this once-extinct squash.

Picture seeing these at the neighborhood farmer’s market. The students named the squash “gete-okosomin,” or even “really cool old squash.”

There will not be any shortage of seeds going ahead.


Each squash appears to be roughly the size of a Chipotle burrito.

These students add a great deal of difficult work, and it is finally time for them to appreciate the fruits of their labour. In the end, it isn’t often that archaeologists get to consume their discoveries.

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