Amber Tamblyn’s open letter slams James Woods for hitting on her at 16


Amber Tamblyn has written an open letter to James Woods describing a memory in nearly 20 decades back, when he allegedly attempted to hit on the then-16-year-old. The letter was printed Wednesday at  Teen Vogue.

Woods, 70, found himself caught in a Twitter beef on Sunday when a comment he made about a movie backfired — and brought allegations of this actor out hitting on and being with girls who were younger than him.

Woods criticized Armie Hammer’s forthcoming movie, Call Me By Your Title, in which a college grad student and a teenaged boy develop a connection with each other. Woods lent a tweet about the movie saying “ As the past barriers of decency chip off. #NAMBLA . ”

By stating, hammer responded to the tweet, “Didn’Can you currently a 19-year-old if you were 60…? Tamblyn and ” also responded to the tweet: “James Woods attempted to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant after. He wished to take us. ‘I’m 16’, I stated. ‘Even he explained. ”

From the letter, Tamblyn stated she while trying to leave a restaurant in Hollywood along with Woods stoped her friend Billy. Tamblyn stated Woods tried to make the trip look innocent, and indicated they go to Las Vegas together.

Along with reacting with a open letter, Tamblyn tweeted a screenshot of messages for her friend Billy recalling this memory.

Like to perform, I’ve noticed,” Tamblyn wrote in the letter. Tamblyn stated after she told Woods her age “Much better. We’ll have as much fun, I guarantee. ”

Tamblyn concluded the letter by suggesting that Woods look inside his inner self and examine his “shadow” and actions.

“look in the mirror and Go right now and ask yourself whether this is true,” Tamblyn wrote. “Proceed, Ill wait. However, I won’t hold my breathe. ”

Woods has denied these allegations, stating it’s a lie that he attempted to pick up a 16-year-old girl. He's not responded to Tamblyn ’ s letter that was open.

H/T Teen Vogue

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