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Amazon merged 2 of its most important teams, and it reflects a huge evolution for the company (AMZN)

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Amazon says there have been some “organizational changes” to the teams behind the Marketplace and retail divisions of the company, which have resulted in them merging.
The company says it has “been working for some time on standardizing the products, tools, and services we offer to the brands and resellers that sell on Amazon.”
Customers likely don’t see the retail and Marketplace sections of Amazon as being two separate entities, and the change now reflects that customer perception.
Amazon’s Marketplace has also endured criticism over the years for fake reviews, counterfeit merchandise, and offensive items, which the company continues to make an effort to clean up.

Amazon is merging teams behind the scenes, and it reflects how customers likely already see the company.

The e-commerce giant said in a statement it has worked hard to make the customer experience on its website “seamless,” whether the customer is “buying a product sold by us or by the millions of small businesses selling on our websites.”See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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