Amazon Cloud Cam is DIY home security made easy

Over the last few decades, Amazon has built out its smart home ecosystem with a growing number of products, but most of them screen-less speakers. In 2017, the business expanded its offerings using a home merchandise, the Amazon Cloud Cam.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is a $120 indoor house security camera. You can view 24 hours of movie clips for free, or up to 30 times of clips (and access to a few of other useful attributes) using a monthly subscription of $6.99, $9.99, or $19.99. Ive been using the Cloud Cam for about three weeks, and the experience has been even greater than I’d hoped. This’s what it’s like.

Amazon Cloud Cam review

Set up in your house and finding the Amazon Cloud Cam out of the box requires just a few minutes. Deciding where you want to position the device requires the most time.

The device itself is small, just a smidge over four inches in height. It’s enough that, if placed on bookshelf or a desk, you’ll likely forget it there. So you can fix it into the right angle, it ’ s curved, camera-laden head swivels to a ball-and-socket joint. A built-in speaker and mic have been positioned on the rear of the device, which has a speaker grille design.

Photo through Christina Bonnington

The unit is wired, therefore it has to be placed somewhere close to a power outlet. The cable is long. The Cloud Cam screwed on a wall or may also be mounted using the wall bracket, which offers a lot of alternatives to you.

I chose to put my unit up with a view of my front door area, which would allow me to determine if an intruder entered the front door or the patio door. It’s also the space where my kitty plays most frequently, therefore win-win there.

Amazon Cloud Cam settings

Once plugged in, I logged in with my Amazon account info and downloaded the Cloud Cam program. From that point, you can name the camera(s) in your house (I called mine “Front Door”), and then you’re all place–unless you want to tweak a few settings.

From the program, you can tap on the gear icon in the top right personalize your experience and to get its settings. Here, you can switch the camera off and on, and also adjust how frequently you get notifications (as well as what causes them). You can mark tabs off in the camera’s field of view that you want it to ignore.

Screengrab through Amazon

My setting, however, is the Home/Away option. This turns the camera off if your telephone is at exactly the exact same place since the camera and automatically switches the camera on if not. This means I do not have to be concerned about capturing footage of me — or this Cloud Cam when I ’ m walking around the house, sending a barrage of alarms half-clothed. (When the latter does occur, however, you can tap on the movie clip in the program and delete it.)


The Amazon Cloud Cam encounter

I then forgot about it and set the camera up with Home/Away switched on. When I left home for meetings, day trips, or to buy groceries, I’d typically get a handful of notifications throughout the afternoon–only my kitty.

Screengrab through Amazon

The camera has a field of view–120 levels–and can capture high quality video both and at night time. The camera is as opposed to some other home security apps, and smart enough to know that changes in light don ’ t count as movement it records vary in length depending on the movement activity was. These video clips typically ranged from 8 minutes to 20 seconds, even though a few were as long as two moments (if my fiancé came home while I was still off).

The camera also seems to automatically turn itself off when it detects motion a lot of times (around five or more), and your telephone is in precisely the exact same site.

If you’ve got an Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Fire TV–an Alexa-enabled device using a screen–you could also use Alexa to pull up the live video feed of your own Cloud Cams. With a first Amazon Echo, I wasn ’ t able to try out this, but using my telephone and a little apartment nearby, it might have been redundant.

Is the Amazon Cloud Cam worth it?

In $120, the Amazon Cloud Cam is a competitively priced indoor house security camera. (And depending on if you buy, it might be even cheaper: In the time of writing, Amazon disregarded the Cloud Cam to $99.)

The Amazon Cloud Cam is easy to set up and install, little, and captures a field of view using HD recording characteristic. The program is straightforward and easy to use, and based on experience with its telling alerts while I was at home, it’s individual and motion-activity detecting algorithms are excellent. In the nearly 3 weeks I’ve been using the device, it’s only mistaken my cat for a person once or twice.

Wires are annoying to deal with in the first setup procedure while being pumped does mean it never runs out of batteries. The device also doesn’t do a great job if aimed outdoors, unless it’s specifically focused right facing your front door (and placed very near that place, too).

And though I appreciate the simplicity of this experience, I wish the Cloud Cam program had a few other customization choices. While I ’ m sleeping as an instance, being able to automatically set it to turn on for situations daily could be helpful in tracking the front door.

All in all, the Amazon Cloud Cam feels like the price for its ease of use, camera size, video quality, and also the reassurance it offers.

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