Why Native American Survival Skills is Relevant for Our Survival?

Modern Technology has blinded us of our senses and made us “less human”. Over the last 3 decades, our live has been constantly bombarded with the latest electronics products that help improve our daily life. Take for instance, the compass, the latest and the best health products, the weapons, knifes, clothes, shoes, you name it, we had been dependent on them for our daily use.

What happens if one day we are stripped of all the gadget or products that you always rely on ?  Imagine if you are lost in the forest, alone in an island and all your food and water supplies ran out. And your smart phone that you always depends on for everything, runs out of battery? You are suddenly lost and have no idea how to keep yourself safe for as long as possible till help arrives.

That is why, we must always have back-up skills, survival skills of the lost forgotten Native American. Look at the animals, how do they survive on a daily basis? Their survival depends on their senses and their familiarity with their environment. Knowing if there is a threat coming or how to hunt for food.

This is how Native American keep themselves alive in a forest. Being in harmony with the land, taking cue from the environment and predict what is coming up.  Always knowing what kind of skills to use on each different situation.  This was how the Native American has been dominant in their habitat for hundreds of years.

Find out more on how they use their skills to keep them alive in forest, and believe it or not, you can apply these skills in your corporate world! Native American tribes lived in harmony with the land for ages before Europeans settled on this continent.

Native Americans knew how to hunt and hide without being noticed because they understood how to blend in with the land. Their techniques allowed them to catch prey and gain the strategic advantage over enemies. They understood the importance of being careful where they walked, about blending in with the scenery and not alerting others to their presence.

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