Airport worker in France swings on a passenger carrying a baby

An EasyJet Airbus A319 plane at Nice airport in southern France.

Picture: lionel Cironneau/AP/REX/Shutterstock

I wonder if, in this point, airplane passengers are more fearful of turbulence or being attacked by an airport/airline worker.


The most recent case of passengers under assault by the air carrier they have paid to provide a service requires us to Nice, France, in which a worker seems to have punched a guy holding a baby while he was trying to board an EasyJet flight to London on Saturday.

The woman who took the photograph tweeted that the guy in white worked for EasyJet. But EasyJet’s press team tweeted that he’s actually utilized by Samsic, a company contracted by the airport to help with passengers in need of extra assistance.

The flight was significantly delayed, and passengers complained that EasyJet wasn’t giving them much info regarding why, or when they might get off the floor. The victim was reportedly speaking to his ultimate offender, who reportedly “smirked” at him ahead of the apparent assault.

Both guys got taken away from the region, but the guy holding the infant made it on board, to a reported round of applause.

In accordance with FlightAware, the flight failed to make it to London, but only after being postponed for over half a day.

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