ABC Is Still Looking At A Roseanne Spinoff Without The Title Star, But There’s One BIG Problem…

After ABC canceled Roseanne late last month due to star Roseanne Barr‘s undeniably racist comments about a former advisor to President Barack Obama, most fans of the re-booted show figured that was pretty much it for ever seeing it on TV again.

But not so fast! ABC hinted soon after the cancellation, and they are still exploring avenues now, that might allow them to re-boot the show around Sara Gilbert’s character while cutting Barr out of it altogether!

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According to TMZ, ABC execs are doing their due diligence right now to avoid a lawsuit from Barr, because if they re-boot the show, there’s some concern that she’d have an ownership stake in it since she created the original, and served as an executive producer.

Obviously, with the first re-boot being canceled because of Roseanne’s actions, network execs don’t want her to be profiting off the new re-boot that may or may not go on without her.

So, ABC is literally going character by character and determining which ones Roseanne has a financial stake in, which ones she created, and which ones they can get away with using for the re-boot that won’t involve her.

Wild — but smart!!! Clearly, network execs are motivated to strike while the iron is hot, and potentially move QUICKLY to re-re-boot this show.

We’ll see if it happens… but we could hear something as early as this coming week!!!

[Image via NBC.]

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