A Fan Asked Dan Harmon For Advice On Depression. His Response Was Beautiful.

Dan Harmon delivered for a fan who asked for hints on managing depression.

The “Rick and Morty” co-creator crafted four thought-provoking tweets after a Twitter user requested him on Tuesday for information about coping with the condition.

Harmon suggestedacknowledge and accept” because & ldquo; awareness is all about that the depression is occurring. ”

“We put ourselves under pressure that is a lot of to feel great. It’so fine to feel bad,” he said. He encouraged her to bear in mind that she shouldn & rsquo; and that & ldquo; feelings are real but they aren & rsquo; rdquo & t reality;t have to “deal with it alone. ”

Check out his thread here:

Harmon’s tweeted response surprised the first questioner, who stated she had been “kinda celebrity struck” to be given a reply. She hailed Harmon’s guidance as being &ldquo better than my therapist could’ve said it. ”

The articles certainly resonated with other Twitter users, as they elicited replies that were appreciative:

Should you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You might also text HELLO to 741-741 at no cost, 24-hour support in the Crisis Text Line. Out of the U.S., please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention  to get a database of resources.

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