A Black Scout Survival Individual First Aid Kit Can Keep You Safe

black scout survival individual first aid kit

Black Scout Survival Individual First Aid Kit

My personal black scout survival equipment includes the following items: two fold down nylon utility pants with knee pads, black work boots with rubber outsoles, heavy duty nylon thermal blanket, black polypropylene sleeping bag with fleece lining and heat reflective lining, two sun-proof brown duct tape pouches with utility Velcro closure and a true mil-spec sized emergency beacon with a one-half pound fiber optic clip. This equipment is similar to the items that the British army uses. It’s also quite similar to the American army MRE survival food rations. The difference is that I don’t carry them in my backpack. I carry my black scout survival individual first aid kit in my back pack because it’s so easy to grab and to store. (There’s an attachment to fasten the blanket to my backpack that I’ve made myself.)

Other items in the kit include a tube tent, a duct tape bag with witch hazel and/or petroleum jelly, a non-sticking pan or woks, a can opener, a flashlight, a compass and a black leather work glove. You don’t need to bring all of this gear with you on a regular basis, but if for some reason you must, these items will make getting through a burn or snake bite much more comfortable. The idea behind a true mil-spec kit is comfort and safety above all else. And when you’re in a situation where comfort and safety are critical, having these items will help you get through the problem quickly.

If your Bug-Out survival gear isn’t complete then the next step is to prepare for what is to come. I always recommend that I bring at least two flashlights, a compass and a fire starter pack. These items can be purchased from your local big box home improvement store. Another option would be to invest in a high quality tactical flashlight and use it as a supplemental light during your trip. In the event of a water or food shortage, the flashlight can provide you with additional warmth while making quick work of lighting your way.

Your basic emergency tinder, compass and fire starter kits will be sufficient to survive for one to two days in most wilderness or bug-out scenario situations. The black polypropylene construction of the tinder ensures long-lasting waterproofing and its lightweight design allow it to be carried in a backpack. A compact size and lightweight make the polypropylene an excellent choice for most backpacking expeditions. It’s important that you keep your compass sharp for accurate direction finding during a Bug-Out scenario.

The black polypropylene tinder should be kept in a sturdy nylon bag or storage container. It’s important to make sure that your tinder matches the color of the kit. This is particularly important for the first time user, since it may take a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the color codes and how to use your new kit. It’s also recommended that you don’t store more than a day’s supply of tinder in your emergency kit.

If you decide to use duct tape to repair small wounds or clean up minor wounds, the following items should be included in your first aid kit: anti-bacterial ointment, bandages, anti-septic lotion, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, anti-septic wipes, needle and thread, tweezers and anti-bacterial ointment. If you’re planning on driving for a period of time, include some cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the glass of your vehicle windows. If you’ll need to perform surgery, include sterile gauze pads and a syringe to clean the wounds. If you will be sleeping in a tent, pack some wool or fleece blankets. In addition, it would be prudent to carry a blanket for your stay-cation travel.

As stated before, it’s wise to make sure your kit is portable enough to carry along on any number of outings, but it’s also wise to keep in mind the type of activities you will be doing when packing your first aid kit. For instance, if you plan to climb the tallest peaks in the area where you’ll be performing your climbing escapades, you’ll want to have supplies such as rope, climbing screws, and harnesses to keep you safe. And if you plan to search the wilderness for potential caves or to set camp in a tent in the middle of nowhere, it would be silly to leave home without the necessary tools.

There are a number of options available to people who choose to buy their first aid kit on their own. Some kits are sold in bulk at a discount or via the Internet. Buying these pre-packaged kits from retail outlets or through the mail can come with a hefty price tag, so many individuals shop online in order to find these savings. And don’t forget that purchasing first aid kits online, through a brick-and-mortar store, can save you cash, too. Many stores offer special deals and discounts for online purchases, which means that you can buy first aid kits and other survival gear without having to pay full price. If you’re ready to take an active role in making sure you and those you love remain safe and comfortable, check out a selection of black scout equipment today and find a way to help those you care about stay safe and healthy today and into the future.

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