97-year-old war veteran takes a knee in response to President Trump’s protest comments

There’s never an age limit when it comes to fighting for what you believe in.  

Brennan Gilmore tweeted a photo Sunday of his 97-year-old grandfather, John Middlemas, kneeling in support of their #TakeAKnee movement, started by former San Francisco 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick in 2016 over police violence against African Americans.  

President Donald Trump’s outspoken complaint against athletes who do not stand up for the national anthem triggered this protest among individuals like Middlemas in solidarity with NFL athletes who kneeled on the field this weekend.  

“My grandpa is a 97-year-old WWII vet and Missouri farmer who wanted to join with people who #TakeAKnee,” Gilmore tweeted. The World War II veteran told Gilmore, those children have every right to protest.

The struggle against injustice isn’t new for its war vet. In a next tweet Gilmore said his grandfather was an ally in the civil rights movement and “an awesome man always on the side of justice.”  

He shared a few old photos of his grandfather and as a farmer.  

Tweets were sparked by this image from consumers and veterans alike, thanking him and praising the war veteran on his stand against the matter. The tweet has garnered over 140,000 enjoys.  

It goes to show a genuine example of what actually makes America good.  

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