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5 Menacing Bug Out Vehicle (Drive Out Of Disaster Zone)

bug out vehicle - The Strategic Armored Beast-a

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This type of vehicle is particularly used during times of disaster. If you want to reach the bug out location fast and to take more staffs and kits with you, you can hire a Bug out vehicle. For your convenience, you can use many kinds vehicles or even your bicycle or motorbike as your Bug out vehicle. But for the best result, you can hire a proper bug out vehicle for disaster management. In this article, you will find some effective information of the right Bug out vehicle.

There are many kinds of vehicles that are available in the market. Here are the types of cars, you can hire for disaster management.

The Great Arctic Tacoma

bug out vehicle - The Great Arctic Tacoma

This huge car is specially designed for an arctic situation. This is a 2010 build up car by the makers of Toyota. This car can be your right choice if your destination is the South Pole to a survival management. It serves magically within forty hours. This is the reason of its success.

Features of the Car

It has a V6 extreme charged engine with a capacity of 4-liter fuel to make 341 HP.  The car also has a gas tank with a comprehensive range, which can hold approximately 330 gallons. The car is outfitted with the tires of Mickey T. Icepack tires, a heavy roll cage and has a conventional suspension. This suspension is well designed with a fine steel of military grade. The price starts with $400,000. This is dream vehicle for the lovers of the cold and chilling weather.

The Strategic Armored Beast

Bug out Vehicle - The Strategic Armored Beast

This vehicle is very much suitable for the uneven ways. When the roads are gone impassable, because of many chaoses, this car can be very perfect for you then.

Features of the Car

This is a great endurance bug out vehicle with high-class features. The weight of the vehicle is 20,000 lbs.  It has the capacity of 6.7 L V8 Diesel to set out 300 HP speed and the torque of 600 lbs-ft.  The car has come with some amazing features of bugging out like the auto tranny of 6 feet and a four by four diesel tank with the capacity of carrying 40-gallon diesel. The economy of the fuel will go terribly, which is approximately 6 MPG.

The Ultimate Rhino

bug out vehicle - The Ultimate Rhino

It is a super duty massive vehicle for bug out.


It has been made up to the frame of super duty Ford 450’s. It is furnished with 18 gauge steel use. The car has powered with an engine of 362 HP and a design of overhead   6.8 L V10, which is Single.  It has perfect tires of 38-inch and alloy wheels which are made by 20 by 10″ aluminum. It has vented brakes disc and heavy task calipers. You can make your bug out location awesome with the vehicle. It is a super power vehicle capable for heavy duty load.

 Combat Machine of the Military Force

bug out vehicle - Combat Machine of the Military Force

It is a full proof protection given car which can figure out even the intense terrains. This is the bug out vehicle, which is highly recommended for the military use. Smooth runner and highly protective, this is the ultimate identity of the car.


The biggest drawback of the car is it has just two seats for two people. If you have a mass of people with you, then this car is not for you.


bug out vehicle - tractor

This heavy duty car has come with the facility of side storage and a conversion of a camper. This is an amazing creation of the Land Rover Company. This side storage facility has come for carrying the firearms with you. In this amazing car, you will find the outdoor system of a kitchen, a folding style stove, gear storage facility for the ton of camping, outside light system, etc. This car is specially designed for camping and also for defense use.


This car has an 8-ton beast which can plow up by the 1.5 meters profound water levels.  It can be used for ground clearance. I t has more powerful 54-inch of tires to provide the ultimate facility.

Under its hood, it has a diesel supremacy plant, which is designed as the 6.5-liter cobra.  It   can bear a heavy weight of 1.5 tons by the sand, mud or the baggy gravel.  The bug out vehicle has an auto tranny which has four speeds and permits the car to execute the work up to 75 MPH.

The sitting arrangement is designed with harness and the straps. It has the capacity to carry 8 people at a time. It is full proof protect car to deflect the land mines and the ammunition too. This car is not for civilians; it is exclusively designed for the defense bug out purpose.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bug Out Vehicle

Buying a Bug out vehicle is not an easy job, though it is very much expensive and very much tough to use. But a bug out vehicle is an ultimate solution for a bug out location. Before you make yourself ready for a bug out vehicle, consider some crucial points.

Seating Arrangement

Before buying a bug out vehicle consider that, are you buying the vehicle for your own use or for mass? Check the sitting arrangement according to that and then buy it.


To control a bug out location, you need more and more supplies to take in the car. Foods, cooking arrangements, guns, water, etc. Check that; the vehicle has enough capacity to take all these things.

Conditions of the roads

Check that, if the car is quite capable of going with every sort of ways, to the bug out location and can pursue a long term journey.

Extra Fuel Capacity

Check that, bug out vehicle has a large capacity to carry extra fuel or gas because anytime you can refuel the tank to complete your journey.

There are many kinds of bug out a vehicle to sort out a disaster issue. You always need to take extra care of your bug out vehicle because these are specially designed for heavy duty work not for your regular use.

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