5 Genius DIY Camera Hacks That Will Greatly Improve Your Photography Skills In 1 Minute

Whether you’re a apprentice or technical experts photographer, getting that perfect shot often takes painstaking struggle and excruciating period. Southern african camera pro Sheldon Evans has a few quick- and we intend snappy- tricks that can cut your hitting time in half and save you batches of hassle.

In a 1-minute 28 -second video, Evans demonstrates 5 routes you can use simple household devices, such as CDs and equals, to grow high-quality photo or video impressions. This could keep the cost of your next photoshoot low-grade, and might help you travel with less gear. To boot, each technique is so simple that your bird-dog is likely to be pull it off.

Sheldon Evans is known for his wedding photography in Johannesburg, but currently being become a popular YouTube personality with virtually 3 thousand customers. Check out his gratuities below!

Fake Macro Bokeh

Plastic bag softbox

Towel video slider

Lens flares

Matchstick film burn

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