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5 Animals That Evolution Awarded With Wings Even Though Dogs Deserved It More

Not one of those animals deserve wings more than dogs, but somehow evolution didnt see that.

1. Falcons

Honestly, what was evolution thinking when it gave these items the capacity to fly over dogs? Yes, falcons are amazing, but lets be fair: theres not a single animal that deserves to sail through the sky more than canines. Dogs are fiercely loyal and powerful and have an amazing sense of smell. Apparently, however, evolution didnt care about any of those things when it awarded wings into peregrine falcons without so much as batting an eyelash at mans best friend.

2. Robins

Lets be clear: When dogs had wings, they’d use them to get fun things, such as soaring into the sky to catch a Frisbee in midair or swooping down from the clouds to chase a mailman down the street. Robins, however? They dont even look as though they like flying. Its not that these birds dont deserve wings, also, but dogs would appreciate them more. Honestly, evolution might have definitely found a more deserving monster for flight than robins, who simply hop around on the floor all day looking for worms to eat.

3. Penguins

Here are some dogs that deserve wings more than penguins: golden retrievers, labradors, bulldogs, poodles, and chihuahuas. Why? Well, for starters, penguins cant even FLY. They simply sit there and use their wings entirely wrong to swim. They’re the strangest creature in the entire world. Really, the only logical explanation for why these birds obtained wings over dogs is that evolution thought dogs would be too incredible when they ever learned to fly. Maybe seeing a dog herd sheep in midair would have only been too trendy for nature? Who knows.

4. Bugs

Really, evolution? Bugs? Instead of giving wings to cute, lovable puppies, you decided to go with bugs? Come on, evolution, dogs help people every day, while bugs just sit there and bite items. What the hell is that about?

5. Owls

Evolution, if you have any common sense, youll get to function giving wings to dogs straight away. Owls are the very best bird on the market and totally deserve to fly, and why not take a page from the book and do the same for dogs? You understand theyve got a big set of wings that they could use to flap and soar through the sky only as much as anything. So do it already! Dont make them wait patiently here stuck on the floor any longer.

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