4Cs of Diamonds – How to Determine Their Value

In the world of jewelry, diamonds are undeniably beautiful and are a sign of status. Moreover, diamonds have held great significance since time immemorial and it’s not just a stone, it is a girl’s best friend forever. But diamonds aren’t only good for your looks, they also represent wealth and therefore they attract all sorts of people to buy them. And there is a list of 4Cs of diamonds.

4Cs of Diamonds - How to Determine Their Value

diamond classic cut . the value is based on cut, clarity, carat weight and color

4Cs of Diamonds

Cut: The cut of a diamond is the way in which the stone has been prepared before being fitted into the setting. The most common cut is round cut where one or two small facets are cut to form the brilliant piece. This brilliant piece is what we call the diamond. However, it has its own followers, most people prefer the princess cut as this gives a perfect figure to the diamond and also highlights its sparkle.

Clarity: This is the inner quality of the diamond, i.e. its clarity. The diamond’s clarity ranges from flawless to near flawless. A sparkling diamond is usually rated with a ‘D’ clarity and the better the clarity, the more valuable it is. Hence, D and above flawless diamonds are very precious.

Color: Diamonds are classified based on their color. They are either colorless, yellowish, white or even rose-colored. They are available in many shades ranging from the most attractive colorless diamonds to the deepest shade of yellow. Pinkish, rose and white diamonds are in the top end of this color scale. They are not easy to find, hence they command very high prices.

Carat weight: Carat weight is the weight or size of a diamond measured in carats. At times diamonds are measured by weight, but they are rarely used in jewellery. The bigger the carat, the heavier is the diamond. There are two categories of diamonds, the first being antique and the second being contemporary. Antique diamonds are very expensive and they are usually manufactured in old ways.

Cut: The cutting is the process which makes the diamond sparkle and also determines the brilliance. Usually, a diamond is cut into two parts, the top (or clarity) and the bottom (efficiency). Carat for carat determines the cut. All the diamond cuts have an advantage and a disadvantage, hence the smaller the diamonds, the better they are as they help in enhancing the sparkle.

Clarity: The clarity refers to the flawlessness or the purity of the diamond. Some diamonds contain inclusions, and these are not visible to the naked eye. Diamonds with few flaws will be more valuable than those which have more flaws. Hence, the smaller the diamonds, the better.

Color: Some diamonds come in a variety of hues that include blue, green, purple, red and yellow. Different cut techniques and colors give different hues to the diamonds. The diamond which has the best color is said to be the most rare.

Carat weight: The weight of the diamond is an indication of the quality. Generally, bigger stones are more rare than those that are smaller. The carat of a diamond measures in terms of grains. More grains in a diamond indicates that it is of higher quality.

Clarity of diamonds: The clarity refers to the lack of inclusions and impurities in the diamond. If the cut and clarity of the diamond are good, then there should be no visible inclusions and impurities. In other words, flawless diamonds have no spots or blemishes. Hence, the smaller the diamonds, the better they are. However, the smaller the diamonds, the costlier they are.

Carat size: A large stone with a small carat size is usually of poor quality. Hence, it is advised not to go for diamonds which are smaller than one carat. Diamonds with larger carat sizes are usually of better quality and hence fetch a slightly higher price. A diamond’s carat determines the four Cs of diamonds. The bigger the diamond, the more it reflects light and the more brilliant it is.

Cut: It is a well-known fact that brilliant diamonds that have been cut properly stand out from the others. Therefore, the cut of the diamond is a very important factor to consider when purchasing diamonds. Though many people prefer to go for traditional brilliant cuts, today you have a wide choice of cuts. The best thing is that most cut diamonds are cheaper than the traditional ones. However, this doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality.

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