44-year-old makes hilarious DIY rap video to win $10 bet with wife

When it comes to marital arguments, couples may go to extreme lengths to prove that they’re right.

One man, who goes by the title Spinach Dippa on the internet, didn’t appreciate his spouse’s jokes regarding his rapping skills one evening. He bet her and the few’s buddies that he could make a hip-hop song that is legitimate.   The result is a YouTube  branded “Never Bet Your Money On Another guy’s Sport,” also it lasts a bit over four minutes.

The movie begins with some footage of his spouse heckling him because he dances and catches the first challenge.   “Seriously… I can make a serious like hip-hop movie… and make $10 on Venmo or iTunes or even Bandcamp, also I’m gont give half to charity and half to not y’all men! ”

Spinach Dippa then starts into his rap–that is likely better than that which you’re anticipating.  

Up to now, the movie has gathered over 7,000 views on YouTube. Spinach Dippa has also been sharing details on the way he made the movie on Reddit. He said he wrote the rhyme on Google Docs, which “obtained an obscene number of revisions. ” He gave attention to Dougie Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew’ldquo & s &;rdquo & The Show; for his verse.

Whatever you think of this song, you have to love his hustle.   Spinach Dippa made his very own green screen, did all the filming within his garage using an iPhone 7, also used homemade lighting heaters. He used app Hyperspektiv to decrease his footage before editing the movie.   The vampire had been mixed and mastered by audio engineer Matty Trump, whom Spinach Dippa said he found on SoundBetter.

The rapper’s spouse also joined in on the fun by producing her own Reddit account, called Dippa’s Wife, and she requested the internet if they believed her husband was a true rapper. (Viewers could share their opinions with his spouse here.)

Dippa admits he’s not sure how the feud will finish  since he and his wife never clarified what “success” could seem like.

“Not sure how we determine who wins the wager exactly but believing you believed it was fairly funny, I would say I won,” he explained on Reddit.

Up to now, the comments on the movie stay largely positive, so it appears like Dippa will make his $10 after all. He worked for it.  


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