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4 Lesser Known Trump Administration Fuckboys Who Are Actually Shady AF

The Great Orange Meanie himself may be so distracting that it’s simple (and more reassuring at times tbh) to overlook that he has an entire cabinet of shitheads facilitating his outlandish behavior and allowing him to Tweet come-ons in North Korea and Lavar Ball at 3:00AM. It’s true that you know Kushner, Bannon, and Tillerson, but have you heard of those shady monsters standing kindly standing on the sidelines as America goes down in flames? No? Well allow’s put them on burst.

Steven Mnuchin

You probably saw this picture and thought to yourself & ldquo; another God forsaken James Bond film I, Fuck & rsquo; will have to endure this Christmas. ”

Well, I have bad news and good news. You won’t even have to suffer through two hours of everyone pretending that Daniel Craig is rsquo God & ; s gift to the world because this is not the latest Bond villain. It’s Louise Linton and present Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Goldman Sachs bro, his spouse that wed him. Old Stevie here got his job by with no morals being wealthy af, and that’s essentially it. Before taking Alexander Hamilton’s old job, he’d no government experience, but he did design a mail opening platform for Trump Tower and was an executive producer on, so there is that. Steve is a major supporter of the Republican tax invoice –  aka the bill which could provide giant tax cuts to people   who do shit like take tone pitiful pictures holding giant piles of money and appearing slightly off camera – because fucking duh.

In addition, we don’t have enough time to enter Louise Linton but like, shes a mashup between Cruella De Vil and a Real Housewife and you should just Google her or anything.

Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt is the Administrator of the Environmental Protection agency, AKA the guy in charge of saving Earth. Pruitt is a literal climate change denier, who went to office promising to back off the “overreaching” concentrate on climate change which was in place and “move towards things like cleaning up the atmosphere, soil, and water.” So you are going to quit focusing on climate change, but also save the environment? Sounds like those might go hand and hand, but I figure I’m not an environmental expert. Oh wait, neither is Pruitt. Scott Pruitt’s claim to fame is not that he is like, a climate scientist or anything like this. It’s that when he served as Oklahoma Attorney General, he sued 13 occasions to the EPA. That is like, the governmental equivalent of earning you Administor of the [Your Ex] Protection Agency.  

Since taking office he’s kept true to him claims, rolling back environmental protections, given the fossil fuel sector influence in public health decisions, and moved towards a system which will likely undermine real pollution cleanup attempts. At least he is honest?  

Dan Scavino

Dan Scavino is Social Media’s White House Director and I have one question for him: What the fuck? What the actual fuck, Dan?

Trump is 71-years-old, are you really telling me you could’t even figure out a way into tricking him into thinking he isn’t tweeting? Recall how a Word doc was opened by Jim and made Creed believe it was his blog? Literally do this. He’ll have no idea.

Better yet, about a month ago it was revealed that Scavino may actually be ghost writing a number of Trump’s tweets once an equal tweet appeared on both their accounts in the identical moment. Like, the tweets of Trump might actually be  by somebody? Sad! Whatever, Dan.   Have fun being a networking director.

Ryan Zinke

Part of rsquo & Zinke;s job is to “rsquo & honor our nation;s duties to tribal states,” so you can imagine how well that’s currently going. 1 look at this guy tells me that that particular responsibility isn’t high on his priority list, likelys too busy ensuring that Puerto Rico stays entirely powerless months after Hurricane Maria and scamming folks that are old. Yeah, remember that shady two-man firm that somehow snagged the $300 million contract for restoring power to Puerto Rico? That was Zinke’s buddy.

Another one of his endeavors is to sustain America’s water, lands, wildlife, and energy resources which makes that moment he told a lot of oil execs that “fracking is evidence that God’s got a fantastic sense of comedy and he loves us,” extra poignant. Thank you!

Oh, and while serving as a Congressman to Montana, Zinke conveniently failed to mention that he was living in California. I meanrsquo;t blame this one on him, but still. Sketch.

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