37 Urban Survival Skills

It is definitely fascinating to think about applying the survival skills you have mastered in an urban setting. Visions of zombies flooding the streets might come to mind, but in the real world, there are still a lot of dangers that we have to face or prepare for. If you look at the current events in our country, you will always find plenty of good reasons to have or learn urban survival skills.

In the end, it’s your urban survival skills that can save your life. It doesn’t matter if the threat comes from your job, your neighborhood, the road, or right in your own home. You’re a prepper/survivalist and you will try everything you can to help yourself and your loved ones get through difficult scenarios. Here are some abilities that you need to learn and master:

Urban Survival Skills
1. Open a Can Barehanded

A can opener may not be around when y

acess your precious supplies. Learn this trick to stop depending on the device.


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2. Cook the Old-fashioned Way

Old recipes not only taste better, they help preserve our culture.


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3. Survive a Fight

With all the violence going on, you need to be ready for any attack.


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4. Tampon Hacks

Find out how to repurpose a sanitary item in ways you never imagined.


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5. Unexpected Survival Tricks

Hacks like these make being a survivalist fun and interesting. Always keep an open mind.


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6. Pointers from the Modern Age

There are more lessons that can be learned from today than ever before. Use them to your advantage.

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7. Grow your Own Food

Because you can’t depend on the market or someone else to sell you food when the economy collapses.


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8. Use a Tin Can in Every Possible Way

There’s always a lot to learn when it comes to repurposing.


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9. Make Tea for Vitamin C

Tea is a great source when you need to boost your immune system in the winter.


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10. Escape a Shooting

A safety expert shows you how to get out alive when your workplace is attacked.


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11. Get Rid of a Tail

Know when someone is following you and what to do.


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12. Make a Long-lasting Flashlight

A reliable light source may not always be available.


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13. Fix your Bugout Bag

Parts will break as you use your gear to the fullest. Learn how to fix them.


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14. Prepare Survival Food

It is important and to have food that won’t go bad for a long time.


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15. Make Water Safe to Drink

Having a WAPI ensures that you won’t put dangerous microbes into your body.


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16. Light up the Darkness with Tuna

When the grid is down and you have no light source, a can of tuna can save the day, or night.


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17. Turn a Battery into a Firestarter

Use electrical energy to light a fire.


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18. Defend your Home from Invaders

Learn to protect your house and family from invaders.

Check out 37 Urban Survival Skills at

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19. Resurrect Dead Batteries

We live in an electronic world, so know how to get those gadgets to work.


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20. Repurpose Soda Cans

Turn your garbage into very useful items.

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21. Survive Anywhere in the World

Here’s what you need to do when things get awry and you’re in a strange place.


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22. Get Out of a Dangerous Situation

Find ways to get safely out of a hostage or terror scenario.


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23. Exit a Car Before it Sinks

It’s imperative to get out of the vehicle before it reaches the bottom.


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24. Escape Zip Ties

It’s not easy to break free from zip ties…or so you think.


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25. Practical Intelligence

Sometimes all you need is to think out of the bo or adjust to the situation.


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26. Live Through Winter

Even when you’re indoors, the coldest season can be unforgiving.


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27. Make Waterproof Firestarters

It’s important to be able to start a fire whatever the weather throws at you.


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28. Be Street-smart

Learn all the skills necessary to get through a bad situation, starting with awareness.


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29. Hide in Plain Sight

To any survivalist, the benefits of using camouflage no longer need to be discussed.


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30. Answering a Door Safely

If you’re not careful, bad guys can invade your home from your front door.


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31. Stay Fit

Being in top shape is important if you want to make it through any survival situation.


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32. Be like Harry Houdini

No one wants to be held captive, especially people like us. An expert shows us how to escape bound hands.


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33. Know What to Expect

If you have an idea on what could happen in a certain place or condition, you are better equipped to survive.


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34. Keep your Cool on the Road

Don’t turn a simple trip into a life-and-death situation.


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35. Deal with Urban Terror

It has happened, it’s still happening so it’s best to learn how to deal with senseless violence.


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36. Hunker Down in Your Car

Your personal transport does not have to be a tank or zombie survival vehicle to help you get through the night.


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37. Save Yourself from an Active Shooter

Hard as it is to accept, but we all need to learn how to handle this new kind of terror.


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Master these survival skills, and you might just be able to save your own or someone else’s life when society collapses.

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