.3 Joined Flea Treatment For House Owners
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3 Joined Flea Treatment For House Owners

Many pet owners, both cat owners and dog owners, seem to have grown a little less tolerant of their pet’s having a bit of a flea on the whiskers. This hasn’t come from your cat or do not believe it’s from cat either, but should treat it as such once you have thought about the usual flea powder, shampoos, and shaking’n’acne style flea treatments. Have you considered the possibility of putting together an effective flea treatment for house cats?

Cat flea treatment can be a matter of several steps. House cats are in need of a very strict flea control regime. Adult fleas are the biggest problem for felines in the home, and they are also the most difficult to kill off. Laying traps, flea collars, shampoos with chemicals in them and even flea dips can be ineffective in eliminating adult fleas. So the key to good health for your pet is a comprehensive flea control plan that takes into account all aspects of pet life from diet to grooming.

The easiest form of control is a daily flea collar. There is nothing more irritating for your pet than the continuous rubbing of the collar against their head. There is an active ingredient in many household flea sprays that repel adult fleas, and a great many of these products have a delayed gratification factor which means that your pet will need to wait a few days before they see a reduction in the number of fleas they are exposed to. These sprays should only be used in conjunction with other insecticide control methods. It is also worth remembering that the sprays will only kill adult fleas, and so they will not reduce the population of fleas in your home.

A second type of flea treatment is to use flea dips. These can be sprayed over the entire home and will generally need to be used over a longer period of time, often six months, in order to kill all the eggs laid by the adult fleas. Again, it is important to make sure that you only use these flea treatments on warm and sunny days, as the fumes emitted from the spray may be unpleasant to both you and your pet. Many people are surprised to find that the odor produced from these dips is actually much less powerful than that from the actual flea. If your pet becomes ill while using these flea treatments, it is important to contact your vet as soon as possible, to ensure that your pet does not become ill from residual residue left from one of the applications.

For the newbie poster posts or beginner in the flea world, I would recommend that they first look to their pets, such as cats and dogs, to see what they have picked up from their environments. For example, if there has been excessive scratching in a certain area, then this is an indication that the newbie poster posts should look to see what the cat or dog has eaten, as they will generally ingest a large number of parasites while playing in their environment, and these parasites could be carrying the larvae already, which means that it can develop into a fully grown flea. If your pet, however, is only scratching itself whilst grooming, then you will probably not see any problems.

There are a few other things that you can do to help yourself stay safe and clean from fleas, for example, it is extremely important to wash all your bedding thoroughly at least once a week, with all your rooms being washed separately. This will prevent any infestations that you might have missed whilst washing and will also prevent any new fleas coming into life. You should also take extreme care when letting any pets inside the house and never leave them outside. Cats especially love digging in gardens looking for ticks, so ensure that your garden is kept clean, particularly near your home. You should also use a flea comb at least once a week and vacuum your carpet at least once a day. Finally, you should invest in a good and sturdy flea collar and perhaps place it around your wrist, for easy control.

One of the most popular flea treatment methods is to use a flea fumigator flea spray. This product contains a mix of chemicals that kill adult fleas and stop their eggs from hatching, whilst protecting the carpet from their little offspring. The best flea fumigator flea spray contains both thiophanate and fumethrin and will protect your carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding from a high concentration of active ingredient over an extended period. This will ensure that no larvae are able to survive and the chemicals will not be released into the atmosphere. There are other flea sprays on the market which do not provide such good protection and can result in the spread of disease through their residue.

Another friendly flea treatment for house owners with young children is to make use of flea foggers. They work by releasing a fog that hangs on the ceiling, preventing the little pests from emerging and falling to the floor. They work quickly, so you can apply them in no time. Flea foggers will also prevent the young ones from chewing on your upholstery. These fleas are generally pretty effective as long as you remember to replace the plastic covers on your upholstered furniture every so often.

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