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2020 visions? This NY Post piece would be considered satire if it was about ANYONE other than Hillary Clinton

How do you like the sound of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in 2020?

According to a New York Post writer Michael Goodwin, Hillary is “up to something,” and he believes that could be pining for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

After reading great @mgoodwin_nypost in @nypost this morning, I’m convinced Hillary’s going for Dem nom in 2020 … and great @rkylesmith piece (on lame @SenKirstenG) more proof she could get it.

See https://t.co/wrtqDxTO0I

and https://t.co/J9lLvijzWM

— Andrew C. McCarthy (@AndrewCMcCarthy) July 8, 2018

With the Democratic Party locked in a battle between its far left wing and its far, far left wing, no single leader has emerged to unite it. Clinton is trying to play that role by being a mother hen to the fledgling activists drawn to politics by their hatred of Trump.

Hillary is a “mother hen to fledgling activists” now? Conservatives rejoice at that prospect.

If there is a God… https://t.co/rACEm2c67k

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 8, 2018

she just keeps on giving……https://t.co/A6494gaK61

— KenMatthews (@KenMatthews) July 8, 2018

What bold, fresh ideas would she base her candidacy on this time?

Yaaaaaas!https://t.co/rkx0uo2iYz pic.twitter.com/bXALe9oYT7

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) July 8, 2018

Keep in mind that new DNC chairman Tom Perez has gone out of his way to avoid criticizing or blaming Mrs. Clinton since taking over the position.

DNC chair Tom Perez: The DNC gave Hillary Clinton "insufficient and sub-standard tools for success" https://t.co/gi7lgs1ekc pic.twitter.com/6qkkgSIZRN

— CNN (@CNN) November 6, 2017

DNC Chair Tom Perez Won't Say He Disagrees With Hillary Clinton's inflammatory comments on Trump voters. pic.twitter.com/S3f7HZzfuI

— Wired Sources (@WiredSources) March 15, 2018

Perhaps they are going to try to set up a rematch in 2020. The one person who would probably do everything he could to help make it happen is Donald Trump.

She’s officially the clueless guest at the party still cracking open beers after everyone else has left, and the hosts clearly want her gone. https://t.co/3dO8cWNE8K

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) July 8, 2018

Even though Democrats have appeased Clinton at every turn in past years, surely they are not interested in the irreparable harm that nominating her again in 2020 would do to their party.

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