2 Healthy Recipes for Summer Vibes All Fall Long

Summer might be concerning an end, however your cooking area can be a spring of unlimited summertime. We coordinated with our good friends at The Vitamin Shoppe to provide you 2 dishes to keep that warm feel all fall long. Get a taste IRL at the Brooklyn 108 on September 9, where natural charm specialist, holistic chef, and Wellness Council member Sophia Roe will be dishing out these deals with at The Vitamin Shoppe cubicle from 1pm–– 3pm.

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.Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl.

Makes 1–– 2 bowls.


2 packages frozen unsweetened dragon fruit.1/2 cup frozen raspberries ( or fruit of option).2 medium ripe bananas formerly peeled, sliced, and frozen.3 vegan vanilla protein of your option.1/4 – — 1/2 cup coconut milk, or other alternative milk.1/2 cup coconut water.1 scoop Probiotic of option.Stevia to taste


Add frozen dragon fruit, frozen raspberries, banana, protein powder, and dairy-free milk (beginning with lower end of variety). Mix till velvety. The technique to a thick healthy smoothie bowl is mixing gradually, including just as much liquid as needed, make certain to scrape disadvantages. Taste and change tastes as required, including more fruit for texture, or more stevia for sweet taste. Divide into bowl, and include garnishes of option. (We like things like shredded coconut, hemp seeds, sliced dragon fruit, goji berries, sliced kiwi, fresh raspberries, blueberries, sliced banana, or peaches!)

.No-Bake PB&J Treats.

Makes 15 balls.


1/2 cup velvety peanut butter (or almond, cashew, sunbutter).1/4 cup maple syrup.1 tablespoon vegan protein powder of your option.1 scoop collagen powder of your option, unflavored.1 cup gluten-free rolled oats.1/2 tsp maca powder of your option.2 1/2 tablespoon flax seed meal.2 tablespoon hemp seeds.1/4 cup dried fruit of your option (blueberries, cherries, golden berries, etc).1/2 tsp sea salt to taste


To a big blending bowl, include peanut butter, maple syrup, protein powder, collagen, maca, rolled oats, flax seed meal, chia seeds, and dried fruit of option. Mix till well integrated. Include more peanut butter or maple syrup if too crumbly. Include more oats or flaxseed meal if too damp. Chill in the fridge for 5 minutes. Dig 1 tablespoon quantities, and roll into balls.

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