17 Thanksgiving Conversation Topics That Aren’t About Politics

It’s a American heritage to argue over the holiday table.   This Thanksgiving,  most Americans will show up in their relatives’ homes armed with pumpkin pie and governmental talking points.  

But you might be like most people who believe that they’ve already argued with their relatives concerning these issues ad nauseam … in the last family reunion, on Facebook or even in weddings. And you need a little self-care.  

If you’d like to place aside the seriousness for only one meal, we’ve compiled a list of conversation topics that aren’t about U.S. politics to help direct your Thanksgiving experience. If your racist relatives say something reprehensible, do call them out on it. This past year, Showing Up For Racial Justice created a fantastic hotline to help direct people through these difficult moments and important conversations.

But should you’re only trying to maintain the meal civil and light, consider these topics that steer discussion away from sensitive news stories and political debates.   While we can’t guarantee these queries won’t to heated land, we expect they offer enough to explore by themselves.  


Where’s your next holiday? What exactly are you excited to do there?   Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world?

The Beatles

What’s your favorite Beatles album and song? Are you aware this year marks the 50th anniversary of “rsquo Sgt. Pepper &;rdquo & s Lonely Hearts Club Band;?

Thanksgiving Food

Which side dish do you prefer? Which pie would you rather have? How can you make this casserole?

The Winter Olympics

Which events are you most eager to watch? Have you ever read anything about the big Olympians to look out for?  


Where did you get your sweater? Did I tell you about those necklaces I found? Are you currently planning to hit up Cyber Monday sales or any Black Friday?


Perhaps you have tried meditating? What do you do to unwind?   Have you ever checked out that new restaurant in the town?

The New Emojis

Which emoji that is new do you prefer? How annoying was the iOS update bug with the correspondence I? Do you believe folks overuse emojis?


What’s your dog doing nowadays? Do you follow any adorable animals on Instagram?  

Home Decor

Where did you get this tablecloth? I love your gallery wall ― did you hang all of those yourself? Did you design it?


Have you read some novels ? What’s your book club reading nowadays?

Tom Hanks

What is your favorite Tom Hanks movie? (Because who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? )


Everybody hates traffic right? Where’s it been particularly bad recently?


Has anybody taken up knitting? Are you still learning the saxophone? Did I tell you about my bullet diary?

The British Royals

Do you believe the Duchess of Cambridge is with girl or a boy? Any name forecasts?   Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get married? Have you ever watched “rdquo & The Crown;? Are you excited for the new year?  


Just how do you like your coffee? What’s your coffee routine? Just how many cups do you drink each day?

Moon Drop Grapes

Have you ever noticed these things? Why are they so strange?

Upcoming Holidays

What are your plans for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year’s?  

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