16 clever tech pranks anyone can do

Technology has made a lot of stuff in life easier and pranking only happens to be among them.

If you feel like your friends and family haven’t been pranked in awhile, then their time is most likely due. We’ve compiled a list of easy and clever pranks which you can pull on your loved ones utilizing the technician you presently have.

These pranks are also fairly benign at the long run. You’re trying to toy with your pals’ minds not ruin your spirits.

Telephone Pranks

1. Lyric Text Prank

At one stage this prank became a grossly popular meme on YouTube and you will find endless examples of how to pull it off. You only have to be cautious because there also tons of “Lyric Prank Gone Wrong” movies on YouTube as well.

Basically, you text your prank sufferer a line in the song, wait for them to react, and then send the next line.

It truly will help to decide on a tune that will get an interesting reaction and one you are victim will not recognize.

2. Ghost Photo Prank

All of this prank calls is downloading an app. It is a great selection for pranking buddies who may be a tad helpless.

Download a version for either Android or even iOS. These apps enable you too add spooky ghosts into your photos before and after you shoot them.

You can really get creative with this one and terrify your loved ones for Halloween or year round.

Image: ghost photo prank app

3. Telephone Crashing Prank

You’ve got to have fun with this one. If a person does not find it funny, you will only come off as really annoying.

The purpose of Greg Benson’s Mediocre Films pranks are to be positive and enhance people’s day. So try to channel some of that exact same energy should you try this.

If you are not a popular YouTuber, it’s probably better to do this together with all the folks that you know.

4. Switch Ringtones

You are able to make some embarrassing situations by switching your prank out sufferer’s badge to something awkward.

This could be as philistine as fart noises or, based upon the individual, Justin Bieber or even Nickelback ringtones might be equally awkward.

This movie offers some nice inspiration.

5. Change Shortcuts in iOS Dictionary

An unsuspecting mother dropped for this classic autocorrect prank. Simply swap out the shortcut for a note that your prank sufferer uses frequently for something more outlandish.

The daughter switched the phrase ‘dirty clothes’ within her mother’s telephone to ‘acid’ for some fairly hilarious results. The options are limitless with this one.

Here’s a movie on the best way best to use this Autocorrect function.

6. Colorful Photo Prank

Nextraker shows us the way to play some simple pranks on somebody if you’re able to catch ahold of their mobile for a few minutes.

The first one involves taking off the event of your buddies phone and putting tape over the camera. After replacing the scenario, use any colour markers to draw over the tape.

When your victim goes to have a photo they will not get just what they pictured.

7. Change Contact Title

This simple prank does not need anything but the telephone itself. It is as easy as changing the name of your buddy’s contacts.

Shifting a person’s mother’s name for the name of the important other/crush could lead to some funny awkwardness but could also get odd.

A less harmful example would be to change some of the titles in your buddy’s contact list to their boss’ name. This way they get freaked out if they believe their “boss” is calling.

8. Notification Prank

The notification prank is just as much of a prank as it is a social experiment.

YouTube station Anything put on this experiment to determine how addicted folks are to their own phones. The results are fairly telling.

Sooner or later, we have all checked our very own phones when that classic notification noise goes off on somebody else’s device. In the movie the prankster walks by men and women in public places with the notification sound going off on his telephone, merely to see how many men and women look at their very own.

It is a harmless prank which can also tell you a lot about human behavior.

Computer Pranks

9. Make Your Neighbors Think the NSA Is Watching Them

Make your neighbors paranoid about their online activities by changing your Wifi domain to NSA Surveillance Van #4. You may not have to enjoy the results directly of the prank but it’s funny thought nonetheless.

10. Make the Space Crucial Write the Term SPACE

If you know your way around a computer you can create a new AutoHotKey script and put into Both of These lines of code:


Whenever your victim presses the space bar it’ll actually type out the word “SPACE” instead, leading to endless frustration. Ha!

11. Produce a Shutdown Shortcut that Resembles a Folder

A really clever but easy secret is to make a shortcut into shutdown.exe in your victim’s desktopcomputer.

Change the icon of this shortcut into a regular folder and name it something odd. As soon as they click to find out what it is they get a dramatic shutdown notice.

HowToGeek recommends that if you are tech-savvy, and only a decent individual, to alter the shutdown period to a future moment. That way your sufferer only loses their mind; not their job.

Note: on Windows 7 or Vista youd also will need to disable UAC or else theyll see a prompt.”

12. “Freeze” their desktop computer

Another annoying method to mess with your buddy’s desktop is always to screenshot it. Then set the desktop screenshot as their desktop. Don’t forget to hide their icons and folders of course.

Feel like an evil genius as you watch your buddy struggle to click in their desktop icons and neglect every time.

13. Fake Update Page

Contrary to the shutdown shortcut tip mentioned earlier, this change to your buddy’s computer is imitation. Proceed into to get a series of pages which look exactly like an update screen.

Fullscreen among those pages on your friend or coworker’s computer and watch their annoyance. It’ll be so worth it.

14. Blue Screen of Death Screensaver

Now this takes the imitation upgrade prank to the next level.

The Blue Screen of Death is one of the funniest things which could happen to your PC. That’s why scaring somebody else using it makes for a hilarious prank.

Obviously, there’s an app for that. The Blue Screen of Death application is a screensaver that imitates BSOD and it has startup screens so that your victim will believe something’s messed up.

Just download the app and follow the instructions but only do this if you actually want to freak out someone, rather your parents.

15. Mouse Control

This is a great office prank. If you would like to mess with a coworker’s computer in real life you can just plug a wireless mouse usb into their computer, departing their mouse plugged in. Control the wireless mouse from afar as they try to utilize their own.

It would be preeeeeeeetty satisfying to realize your coworker’s confused face when they can not keep control of their own mouse, right?

16. Inverted Mouse

Instructables explains another easy mouse prank.

If you are using Microsoft Windows go to the control panel and click on the section that says “Mouse.” Select the box that says “Switch primary and Secondary buttons” and press apply.

Your buddy will probably be so frustrated when the buttons aren’t working like their supposed to.

If any of those pranks you choose to do change things around in your victim’s computer, ensure that you show them the way to change things back.

Just be careful to not really screw up things!

Joyful pranking!

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