You’ll absolutely fall in love with this colorful, unicorn-inspired apartment

One California woman is living out all your wildest unicorn and mermaid fantasizes by becoming her downtown Los Angeles apartment into a rainbow, bubblegum dream.

Social media queen, decor decorator, and the psyche behind Studio Mucci, Amina Mucciolo lives their own lives in colouring. From her hair, to her clothes, to her bubbly personality, she lives her life on full volume. In order to deliver more colouring and vibrancy into her life, Mucciolo and her husband, Salvatore, transformed their 650 -square-foot apartment into what she calls “Cloudland, ” a total unicorn paradise.

Mucciolo’s downtown L.A. apartment

Image: studio mucci

“Wherever I live, I believe, should be a reflection of myself, ” Mucciolo replied of her residence. “I want to live somewhere where I feel inspired and happy because Im an artist, and I work from home a lot.”

When it comes to the inspiration for her pastel pad, she was influenced by all things that come with her favorite season.

My initial big inspiration was spring because springtime is my favorite season, ” she mentioned. “Theres something very special about spring. The vacations in springtime, all the pastel colors. I just wanted it to feel like spring all time long.

Mucciolo’s Washi tape-customized kitchen

Image: studio mucci

With the exception of her sofa, everything in her residence is customized according to the commission chromatic eyesight. With the help of Salvatore and a few great and very patient pals, she made about 90% of her decoration. One of the major projects she took on became the focal point of her living room. “Shes had” interpreted giant flower wall suspends at a few parties and wondered why no one was putting the fixture in their homes. So the thousands of silk blooms and a ton of hot adhesive later, the floral Instagram-worthy backdrop became the center of her home.

Mucciolo in front of her homemade flower wall

Image: studio mucci

Mucciolo’s rainbow theme doesn’t stop in the living room. Her kitchen cabinet, which took 10 painstakingly long hours to embellish, are covered in brightly colored Washi tape. She doesn’t mind the time it takes though. Mucciolo explained that she lives with OCD, and detailed projects are incredibly therapeutic for her.

Image: studio mucci

Paper cranes hanging from Mucciolo’s ceiling

Image: studio mucci

“All of these[ projects] aren’t super fast things, but that’s what I’m into, ” she clarifies. “Creating helps ease my psyche, and has saved my life.”

Mucciolo applies paint to create different humors throughout the chambers in her loft. Her bedroom, for example, is inspired by a number of aspects of nature, including crystal, marble, and agate, and features a more softened palette to capture a soothing mood.

Mucciolo’s “cave” bedroom

Image: studio mucci

Theres no natural ignite in the bedroom, that typically a problem, but I wanted to make it a real strength, ” Micciolo replied. She utilized the “cave-like” feel of the chamber to channel the natural elements she was originally influenced by into a dreamy den.

Image: studio mucci

Mucciolo’s wall of merriment , novelty bags

Image: studio mucci

Her favorite aspect of her suite, though, is a splatter paint rainbow wall, originally born from a mistake. She knew she wanted a very strong rainbow statement somewhere in her residence, so she, Salvatore, and her friend painted one on her wall. Only the feature pointed up looking like stripes instead of the large-hearted, beautiful rainbow she hoped for.

“I articulated ‘Sorry guys, I dislike this. I’m going to hurled some paint on it.'” So she used the leftover paint to splatter the wall and develop the rainbow proclamation she dreamed of having. Although the flower wall is what people desire the most about her dwelling, she told me that she seems the best when she looks at her mistake-turned-masterpiece.

The splatter wall

Image: studio mucci

Image: studio mucci

If you’re meditating what her husband thinks of of the decoration, it sounds like he’s pretty into it.

“My husband is also a unicorn. Were business partners in Studio Mucci, so formerly that really started I think he only was well known that “thats what” his life was gonna look like. I think it stimulates him happy. His style is a little more minimalist, so if he had his path things would be slightly better minimal. But he helps me edit when I want to go farther.

When asked what one word describes her home, Mucciolo articulated “celebration.”

“Thats the business that Im in, ” she announced. “Thats pretty much how I live my life. The theme of my life is gala. Its a reminder to celebrate every moment. I do all of this for myself because it establishes me and my husband happy. But I genuinely do this to help inspire other people, and help other people know they can be and do whatever the inferno they want. I want to inspire people has become still more of themselves.”

Well, we absolutely feel inspired by this joyous, celebratory aesthetic, and are furiously looking through her Instagram for hypothesis. Anyone want to help us build our own bud wall?

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