Yale professor on Trump’s mental health: ‘He’s going to unravel’

A Yale psychiatry professor spoke to members of Congress about President Donald Trump‘s psychological fitness for office, as reports that week have swirled about Trump, his mental ability, and his ownership of the United States atomic codes.

According to Politico, Dr. Bandy X. Lee, an assistant clinical professor at Yale testified in private briefings to approximately a dozen lawmakers, issuing a dire warning about Trump.

“He’s going to unravel, and we’re seeing the signs. ”

Talking to Politico, she cited concerns that the public was fully capable of seeing for themselves, such as “denying matters he has admitted before” and “being attracted to violent videos.

Trump’s psychological fitness was a continuous theme underpinning his activities in office in his first year, but it was push to the forefront after Trump, Tuesday night, got to a nuclear-button-size comparison competition together with the leader of North Korea.

Earlier in the year, Sen. Bob Corker held a hearing  on the president’s authority to perform a nuclear strike, also Politico reports that lawmakers and conservative thought leaders, concerned about Trump being in charge of the nation’s launching codes, are considering how the 25th Amendment may be utilized to eliminate Trump from workplace.

The Politico report also includes the heels of an   article in the Atlantic by James Hamblin, quite  radically titled “Is One thing Neurologically Incorrect With Donald Trump?

The author spoke to mental health professionals and psychiatrists for over a year concerning the president, finishing that “there ought to be a function for expert analysis beyond speculating from afar. ”

Hamblin centered on Trump’s motor abilities, including his notorious fated sip of water, describing it as an “abnormality. ”

December, speaking about his national-security strategy in Washington, D.C., Trump reached under his podium and caught a glass with both hands. This time he kept them on the glass the entire time he drank, and as he put the glass down. This attracted more attention. The gesture was like that of a very cold individual cradling a mug of ginger. Some viewers likened him to a child just learning to handle a cup.

This article takes pains not to specifically call Trump out as struggling with cognitive decline, but dances around the topic, comparing him to President Ronald Reagan, that likely suffered from Alzheimer’s while in office. The article concludes that it would be prudent to get an advisory committee on the president’s fitness to be established.

Presidential-fitness committee–of the sort that Carter and many others propose, consisting of nonpartisan medical and psychological specialists–could exist in a capacity similar to the Congressional Budget Office. It could frequently check the president’s neurologic status and give a battery of cognitive tests to estimate judgment, remember, decision-making, attention–the sorts of tests which may aid a school system assess whether a child is appropriate to a certain grade level or classroom–and also make the results accessible.

The committee wouldn’t have the ability to remove the president from office, but merely make recommendations on his cognitive condition.

Meanwhile, as Washington has been roiling over excerpts out of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury tell-all, Wolff chose to the Hollywood Reporter to  discuss his expertise reporting the book, noting that West Wing staffers noticed how frequently Trump repeated himself.

Everybody was painfully aware of the increasing pace of his repetitions. It was inside of 30 minutes he’Id replicate, word-for-word and expression-for-expression, the exact same few stories — today it was in just 10 minutes. Really, many of his tweets were the product of his own repetitions — he just couldn’t quit saying something.

Trump, for his part, declared instead that among his former closest confidantes was the crazy one.


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