Workwell wants to make your corporate intranet suck less

If youve been working for a large company, chances are that your intranet suctions. It takes too much time to find the right information, its not tailored for mobile and it doesnt integrate well with the services offered you actually use. French startup Workwell is a mobile intranet that youll actually like.

It seems like a tough task, but so far Workwell is ticking all the right boxes its a mobile app first and foremost, it integrates with third-party services thanks to an SDK and its as social as it can be.

Workwell isnt technically a new startup. If youve been reading my articles for a few years, Ive been handling a startup called Never Eat Alone. With this product, you could find employees working in other departments in your big company and lay out lunch. It constructs it easier to discover new people and foster collaboration.

Workwell is the same company, but with a bigger idea. Never Eat Alone is now only one part of Workwell, but there are a bunch of other services that will establish your office life easier.

For instance, you are able to volume a restaurant, find a ride-sharing spouse, get a map of the agency, volume a meeting room, control the AC and more. And then you can integrate with food bringing services and more.

The company has already signed an agreement with Unibail-Rodamco so that companies renting Unibail-Rodamcos office constructs can access Workwell.

In addition to being able to such a partnership, companies like Sephora and American Express are going to use Workwell for their French offices. Last time, Workwell elevated $1.5 million( 1.3 million) at a pre-money valuation of $16.7 million( 15 million ). Constructing the center hub for companies could turn into a lucrative industry.

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