Woman Says Rat Poop Fell Into Her Food At Popular Los Angeles Mall! WATCH!

Oh god, we are going to throw up!

On Saturday, Meeyoung Choi along with her mother dined at the Westfield Culver City mall, hoping to enjoy some delicious food court helpings. Regrettably, their lunch — literally — tasted like shit!

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The customer told KTLA:

“These two little, little dots landed on my mom’s cup, and instantly she noticed it had been rodents’ fecal matter… And we were just so shocked and disgusted. Right after that, it just kept falling.”

Although Choi initially believed the “dots” were out of nearby pesky children, she appeared at the ceiling, and it seemed that something was moving beneath the cracks!

While Meeyoung never watched an actual rat or mouse, her mother and she are convinced their foods were littered with droppings!

For her trouble, a mall supervisor offered the diner a gift card, and she wants nothing more than to be reimbursed for her medical bills. She adds:

“Any individual in their right mind wouldn’t return to that court for a lengthy time.”

A mall spokesperson stated:

“We are currently exploring this customer’s complaint internally and also have been connected with the customer. We take sanitary issues very seriously and are still very surprised about this claim.”

To observe the gross footage, ch-ch-check out the clip (under)!

[Image via KTLA. ]

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