Which is the best Fourth of July food?

The best part of this Fourth of July is indisputably the cookout, whether that is lakeside with your family and a massive grill or TV-side on your unfurnished apartment with your roommate and a stovetop. (It still counts as a cookout since we opened the windows .)

Regrettably, though, our stomachs don’t have an infinite capacity for food. If you are trying to optimize your available storage this Independence Day, then you ought to prioritize your heals not by how good every single food is on its own, necessarily, but by how essential it’s to the cookout experience.

We had suggesting prioritizing according to the ranking. And, for the record, you don’t really need to wait for an hour before getting back in the pool.

15. Macaroni salad

Image: Shutterstock/Brian Yarvin

Here’s the problem with macaroni salad: it is usually not good. Sure, it may be good (with capers and a great deal of salt, especially), but why take the risk when there’s potato salad to be had?

14. Cherry pie

Image: Shutterstock/ehrlif

Let me be clear: cherry pie’s low ranking here is not an indictment of cherry pie. Cherry pie is delicious, second just to strawberry rhubarb from the “summer pies” department. However, it is not the quintessential Fourth of July dessert. Preserve your sweet tooth to get some thing a little more on-the-nose.

13. Coleslaw

Image: Shutterstock/Anna Hoychuk

Similar to macaroni salad, coleslaw is too likely to fail for one to take the danger. 1 exception: a pulled pork sandwich could use a little.

12. Potato chips

Image: Shutterstock/Tanya Polovik

Potato chips are far more enjoyable to eat when you are eating them outdoors, but it does not mean that you should eat them at the cost of, say, corn on the cob with a lot of butter. This is a cookout, dude! There is a lot of MSG to be had elsewhere.

11. Burgers

Image: Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

You might be shocked that burgers are so low on this list. Honestly, I completely understand. But burgers are so versatile delicious in each and every season, compatible with so many toppings, cheeses, and bananas that it seems too vague to concentrate on them at your cookout. Please. Trust me on this.

10. Brats

Image: Shutterstock/beckart

Bratwurst is a wonderful summer supper on the grill, but it isn’t that the Fourth of July summer supper on the grill. Not as long as there’s a hot dog around, anyhow. Please save your brats for July 5 and make sure you add a lot of sauerkraut.

9. Strawberry shortcake

Image: Shutterstock/farbled

Sweet, biscuit-y cake, sugared strawberries, sufficient Cool Whip to fill out a little vessel what is not to love? Well, the only caveat here is that strawberry shortcake is a little messy, and it is going to likely need its own bowl or plate. If the excess mess is cool by you, then shortcake away. It’s a verb now!

8. Deviled eggs

Image: Shutterstock/Arina P Habich

Deviled eggs are fantastic for two things: a significant church lunch reviewed favorably from the grandparents and the Fourth of July. If you are truly bananas for this country, it is possible to even earn a barbecue edition.

7. Kebabs

Image: Shutterstock/Sea Wave

Kebabs of all sorts are ideal to get a cookout since they are customizable and vegetarian-friendly, if you want. Plus, the savory char of chicken on the grill is one of summer’s most crucial flavors.

6. Potato salad

Image: Shutterstock/Ekaterina Kondratova

The hard truth about potato salad: it is only good during Fourth of July weekend. But on that weekend, you gotta save room to get a massive helping preferably with mayo and mustard seeds, IMO.

5. Baked beans

Image: Shutterstock/MSPhotographic

Any food (for humans) repped with a golden retriever is certain to be useful, right? And baked beans with bacon, naturally is one of the finest Fourth of July sides of them all. In fact, if baked beans are around, it’s almost a sin to eat a hot dog without consuming them around the opposite. You don’t need to dislike Duke the dog, do you?

4. BBQ ribs

Image: Shutterstock/FeyginFoto

BBQ anything is an automatic Fourth of July triumph, but ribs rule them all. And if you don’t want to talk with your relatives, just offer to be the grillmaster!

3. Corn on the cob

Image: Shutterstock/Charlene Bayerle

Grilled corn slathered in butter is a delight all summer long (and especially during corn harvest period), but it is also an indispensable part of July 4. Here’s why: those little corn holders that also appear like corn. They are not optional.

2. Firecracker Popsicles

Firecracker Popsicles, also known as Bomb Pops depending on which brand you prefer, require almost no preparation. Why? They’re just popsicles in a box. Another very good things about them: they’re red, white, white, and blue; they’re so cold, and you can eat them while you are floating in an inner tube. Friends, they’re the perfect Fourth of July dessert.

1. Hot dogs

Image: Shutterstock/Stephanie Frey

It’s an obvious option, but it is also the ideal choice: no summer cookout is complete without hot dogs. Make them all-beef, make them turkey, make them veggie do what you gotta do however bless your hot dogs with grill marks and potato buns and they will bless you right back.

We don’t care what toppings you utilize.


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