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What’s Shown In This Video Is So Gross, And It Could Easily Happen To You

We are utilized to viewing blackheads on people’s faces, and it can be satisfying to see their extraction.

What you might not know is that you might also get blackheads on your external canal, that is, the outer portion of your ear. It’s one of the areas that’s prone to getting pores full of gunk, and just as it hasn’t occurred to you yet doesn’t mean it won’t. Here’s what causes them and how to keep it from happening.

Blackheads in the ears come from not cleaning ears nicely enough, but you may be inserting dirty earbuds that exacerbate the issue. Always make sure you disinfect earbuds before inserting them into your sensitive ears.

Also, keep decent ear hygiene in general by washing your ears whilst at the shower. As soon as it is not good to insert q-tips into your internal ear canal, they can be a good tool to get in the folds of the outer area of the ear to prevent blackheads such as the ones above.

Watch this entire clip from the television series The Physicians to find out more about ensuring this horror never occurs in your home.

Youtube / The Physicians

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