Watch a hungry bear try to steal dog food from a garage

A hungry bear with an craving for bird-dog meat tried to steal a banquet from a California bed and breakfast.

Diana Chase, owned of the Pine Mountain Inn, opened her garage to find a bear knee-deep in a huge suitcase of dog kibble.

“What are you doing? ” Chase can be heard asking the bear.

Moments afterwards, the bear withdraws with the dog meat and tries to make a getaway. Chase follows, ordering the birth to plunge the meat. Eventually, the birth does exit the garage without the meat, and Chase is able to close the garage entrance, but not before the two come within just a few paws of each other.

While Chase did the right thing trying to scare away the birth, she should not have use soft flavors when talking to the birth, and she did set herself in danger multiple times. Yes, bears are cute, but they are able to eat your face.

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