Why Reboiling Water Is Not Safe !

reboiling water

Boiling water is OK but not REBOILING water.  If you have this habit, STOP IT! Most of us have a the habit of boiling water at home because we have this habit from early life. Some of us may have water that is safe to drink straight from the tap but we still boil them because we want to be 100% sure, and that is fine. Or when we are travelling abroad or camping, we insists that the water need to be boiled, and that is a good precaution.

Over time, we are being programmed that boiling water is good and it makes unsafe water safe. However, some of us may be overdoing it by boiling and reboiling this water again, thinking that all traces of bacteria and all other harmful stuffs will be eliminated. With all the recent virus happening in the last decade and the pollution to our mother nature, we may be trapped in overdoing things, and thinking that reboiling water will make the water even safer.

Well, that is not the case. Many studies have shown that if you reboil water, there are higher concentration of harmful contaminants that can cause degenerative damage to your cells in the body. These chemicals could include arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride. Even the minerals that are healthy for us can become dangerous when concentrated, such as calcium salt which can lead to kidney stones and gallstones when taken excessively.

These days, there is a concern that re-boiled water may lead a person to develop cancer. Yes, there is possibility of developing cancer. Though the boiled water is fine, increasing the concentration of toxic substances may put you are risk for certain illnesses, including cancer disease. Arsenic exposure may shows symptoms of arsenic toxicity, plus it has been associated with some forms of cancer.

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