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Twitter Is Raging At Donald Trump Over His Pronunciation Of Puerto Rico!

This POTUS is a puta. (#PutaPOTUS)

What is the problem?

Well, it may not sound awful to say Trump used a particularly conspicuous Spanish accent to mention that the name — before you really hear what we’re referring to:


That is certainly not an attempt to honor their speech or the following people. That’s mockery in the class-bully-in-chief.

It doesn’t help that this is in the context of a President delaying aid for hurricane victims and telling him they threw his funding “out of whack” — shortly after doing fine with hurricane relief on the mainland.

Video: San Juan Mayor Slams ‘Miscommunicator-In-Chief’ Later ‘Insulting’ Visit To Puerto Rico

The information also broke today that FEMA had eliminated from its site the numbers that just 50 percent of Puerto Rico residents had potable water and just 5% had electricity. Not changed to the reported slight increases of 54 percent and 9.2% — just deleted so people could not see it.

Trump does understand that is not how things get fixed?

See all of the heated responses to Trump’s remedy of Puerto Rico and “Puerto Rico” (below):

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