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Trump’s 100-day rally: president launches attack on ‘failing’ media

The speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania returns to familiar campaign themes and includes a dig at the very boring White House correspondents dinner

Donald Trump returned to familiar region on Saturday in a bullish campaign-style speech in Pennsylvania to mark his 100 days in office.

In a performance that suggested the US president was still in election mode, he reiterated his scathing attacks on the media and his well-worn pledges to build a wall, destroy Islamic State, drain the marsh and revive the military.

To loud applauds of USA, USA from the crowd, he vowed to save American healthcare and repeal disastrous Obamacare.

Trump opened the rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with a dig at the White House Correspondents Dinner, which was also taking place on Saturday night, saying it would be very very boring.

Theres a large group of Hollywood performers and Washington media consoling each other in a inn ballroom in our nations capital right now, he said.

I could not perhaps be more thrilled to be more than 100 miles away from the Washington swamp, expending my evening with all of you and a much, much greater bunch and much better people.

Trump decided to hop-skip the White House Correspondents Dinner, becoming the first US leader to miss the annual occurrence since Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Supporters at the Harrisburg rally. Photo: Alex Wong/ Getty Images

They are assembling together for the White House Correspondents dinner without the president, he said.

The crowd booed each time the president mentioned the media and when Trump articulated organisations such as CNN and MSNBC broadcast fake news.

In a speech that was more backward-looking than agenda-setting, Trump said the media would get a big, fat miscarrying tier for its reporting of his first 100 days in bureau. In differ, the president said his administration had been very exciting and highly productive and that he was delivering every single day.

We are preventing one promise after the other, and frankly the peoples of the territories are really happy about it, he said.

Trump listed what he articulated were some of his key early accomplishments, includes the successful confirmation to the US supreme court of Justice Neil Gorsuch and clearing away many regulations on the environment and business.

He also listed his approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipes, killing a pending Asian busines agreement, and enhanced security measures that have led to a sharp-witted dropped in illegal border crossings at the southern perimeter.

He shrugged off his failure to rating major legislative success on his core campaign promises, such as repeal and replacing of the Affordable Care Act and building of a Mexican perimeter wall. Trumps ban on visitors from some Muslim nations was blocked in courtroom.

He accused Democrat for the legislative omissions so far and articulated all of his promises would be kept eventually. Well build the wall people, dont even are concerned about it, he articulated.

At one point a objector, reportedly rippling a Russian flag, was taken out of the stadium by police. Trump interrupted his speech to tell Thats right get em out of here, get em out.

During a long rumination on the best interests of law and order and preventing illegals out of the country, Trump recited AI Wilsons poem The Snake, which he often read out during election rallyings.

There was one notable departure from his election rhetoric, with Trump reversing his hard line on China being a currency manipulator. Citing the support of chairman Xi Jinping of China in pressuring North koreans over its nuclear ambitions, he said the label he has used in the past was now counterproductive.

I dont belief right now is the best time to call China a money manipulator, he said.

Trump aimed his speech with the arousing promise: We will construct America strong again, we will construct American wealthy again, we will construct America prosper again, we will construct America safe again the authorities concerned will construct American great again.

In another echo of his campaign rallies, Trump left the stage to the Rolling Stones You Cant Always Get What You What.

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