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Trump reportedly wanted to increase U.S. nuclear arsenal by nearly tenfold

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson allegedly called President Donald Trump a “moron” after a meeting at which the president said he wanted to greatly increase the USA’ nuclear arsenal.

NBC News reported on Wednesday morning that the meeting, which took place in late July, was in reaction to a slide Trump saw revealing that the United States has reduced its nuclear weapons cache since the late 1960s. Trump wanted to increase the number of nukes, despite officials caution him of the “legal and practical impediments into a buildup” and assuring Trump of the nation’s army strength.

Since the news organization points out, a nuclear buildup would violate global disarmament treaties signed by every president since Ronald Reagan and could set off the other global nuclear arms race never seen since the Cold War. The president wanted a gain in the number of weapons america has.

“If he were to grow the numbers, the Russians would suit him, along with also the Chinese,” Joe Cirincione, a nuclear expert and MSNBC contributor, told NBC News.

The July 20 meeting was one of several that have left some officials concerned about Trump’s ability to understand world matters. The day before, a meeting about Afghanistan was derailed when Trump suggested shooting the commander of U.S. forces from the nation, according to the report. Smaller meeting, A second, was scheduled to assist Trump be more &ldquo. ”

“It wasn’t only the quantity of individuals. It was the idea of focus, & rdquo; a source told NBC News, adding that they believed they will need to & ldquo; slow & & & ldquo; and rdquo; explain rdquo & the entire world; into the president.

The July 20 meeting led to Tillerson allegedly calling Trump a “fucking moron,”  After NBC News revealed Tillerson’s insult, the secretary of state held an impromptu press conference where he reaffirmed his commitment to the president but did not outright deny calling Trump titles. The State Department later released a refusal that Tillerson called Trump a moron.

On Tuesday, in an interview with Forbes, Trump still seemed perturbed by Tillerson’s opinions and challenged him to compare IQ test scores–something he’s completed to several different individuals in the past. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said later in the day that Trump’s IQ challenge was a “joke. ”

You are able to read all of NBC News’ report here.

Update 8:49am CT, Oct. 11: Trump denied that the NBC News report on Twitter, calling the network “imitation” and accusing its reporters of publishing “pure journalism. ”

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