Trump and Macron’s handshake is so painfully long it’ll make you laugh and cry

Label yourself … we're Melania.

Forget everything you thought you understood about competitive sports since it’s 2017, and the only competition that matters today is handshakes. And Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron might have just taken the grand trophy for its most embarrassing handshake ever.

Trump and Macron spent the day together on Friday as both world leaders celebrated Bastille Day. And spending the day together means one thing: both were back at it with their jaw-droppingly supernatural handshakes.

While we’ve seen both exchange truly uncomfortable handshakes again and again, this new handshake just may be the longest handshake in the history of handshakes.

It lasted almost an whole minute long and for your love of politics, somebody please rescue us out of this weird nightmare.

From the almost 60-second movie of the handshake, both walked, talked, patted each other, also admired the sights.

At one point Trump even kissed Macron’s wife, Brigitte who he did a little handshake dance with on Thursday with no letting go of her husband. Fortunately, Melania left it out unscathed.

Macron, who is already showed Trump he’s not afraid of his powerful grasp, seemed to be hanging on for dear life. Both guys seem to be sending some kind of complicated physical message they are each very powerful, very determined, and not here for one another’s nonsense.

Hopefully next time both will at least call up Guinness and attempt to set a world record.

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