This is the only last-minute gift guide you need, and it smells great

Filled Soy Candle Set, $11.24 Every
Picture: World Market

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The holidays are upon us and we’re prepared to bet you are already burning at both ends.  

Maybe your family is in town, such as your shitty nephews. Maybe you have an elaborate Christmas menu to plan. Maybe you’re hung over from the office holiday party, overtaken by fear that the hangover may last several days.  

Who has time for intensive gift-shopping? Not you!

Yes, yes, in an ideal world you’d have purchased or woodworked your presents ago — each of these perfectly appropriate to the passions of each of your cousins. But if you did not, here is what you do: purchase each of these people a scented candle.

Heyland & Whittle Neroli and Rose candle, $19.95

Picture: Amazon

In contrast to incorrect belief, a candle isn’t a “cop out” or a “bad gift.” Actually, it is a good gift — a thoughtful one, actually — and easy to search for to boot up.

You do not have to spring for fancy candles, either (although you can definitely go that route if you want). No, only get those suckers from Target or Earth Market or anything. Pick up some while you are out buying wrapping paper and Scotch tape.

No way, you say, candles are so unbiased! Maybe not so. Candle tastes — smell tastes — are highly private.  

Hearth & Hand Cedar Magnolia candle, $12.99

Picture: Target

As an instance, perhaps one of the things you enjoy is the beach, but one of the things you despise is sugar snacks. This is a very specific taste! So, if someone got you a breezy ocean candle, then you’d be thrilled — and if somebody knew to not get you a Sprinkle Cookie Wonderland candle, then you’d be happier. Personally, we would feel viewed as hell.

So in your candle shopping trip, consider what you’ve observed about your receivers. It does not have to be too deep. Actually, it may be the opposite of profound. Can you go apple picking together this autumn? Get them a cider-y candle. Do they adore magnolias? Get them a magnolia candle. Do they love being comfy? Great — a lot of people love being comfy. There are also many candles with the word “comfy” in their titles. Wrap it up with a cute bow. Write a small note. You have made it.

World Market Eucalyptus & Mint wax candle, $2.99 and up

Picture: World Market

And, of course, do not forget to pick one up for yourself. You deserve a candle after all that candle shopping.


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