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This is the only bug-out bag you’ll ever need, and it’s on sale

Image: Bomber & Company 

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Survivalists call it a bug-out baga mobile kit that contains everything you will need to get by, should you ever need to leave house in a rush.

While you might not want to go off the grid and venture into the wilderness today, it never hurts to have your bug-out bag prepared for tomorrow. After all, we are living in some crazy times. Bomber & Company’s rocky, military-grade Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Full Set may give you a head start on the apocalypse as readily as it can carry your gym gear. Hopefully, you will only need it for the latter.

It is no surprise that the Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag is Kickstarter’s most financed bag. It was made to help you get from point A to point B, no matter how tough the terrain. This premium quality, weather-resistant duffel includes a padded, quick-release shoulder strap, reinforced handles watertight zippers, and tons of additional pockets and pouches for carrying your smaller accessories. Its crisis paracord zipper pulls can be unwound to a span of super-strong rope you can use in case things get a little Man vs. Wild outside there.

And because even wilderness dwellers will need to stay well-groomed, this collection also has the Mini Bomber Travel Kit. It is the ideal size for toting your toiletries and personal grooming products, in addition to a razor to trim a gnarly mountain man beard.Escape culture in design with all the Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag Complete Set, available here for $69.9965 percent off the normal cost of $200.

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