This floating planter isn’t magic, it’s science

Wingardium Leviosa, literally.

Picture: flyte

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Home decor, meet Harry Potter magic.

If youwant something additional to wow guests or’re bored with your house decor, there is.

Thanks to Flyte, the company that introduced you that the levitating light bulb, a levitating plant holder exists. Yes, like floats in the air.

This planter looks like your ordinary potted plant — I mean, but for the fact that it levitates in mid century. No biggie. Magnets in the base operate with a mechanism that is rotating, making unending levitation potential.  

Check it out:

Watch Lyfe twist for hours — and make an effort to not get dizzy.

Picture: flyte

The 249 pot is the best decoration for your house or office and is best to house with. Water the plant as you normally would, or use it as an excuse to turn into an air plant parent. Because the bud melts, atmosphere plants are certain to have 360-degrees of sun exposure — no soil and have a microclimate that is naturally nurturing.  

If you’re dying to receive your hands onto a drifting plant but aren’t seeking to break the bank at this time, you’re in luck — Amazon has another highly rated levitating planter that’s only $65. Just a wooden exterior, magnetic levitation mesmerizing twist. In any event, you can not go wrong.

Prepare for compliments.

Picture: block ‘n’ bolt space

A levitating planter would make the greatest gift if you’ve already got your decor on point. We bet they do not have one of these — yet. Get the Flyte Lyfe for $249 here or the Levitating Air Bonsai Plant for $65 here.

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