These 21 Decorative Pumpkin Projects Aren’t Your Average Jack-O’-Lanterns

When it comes to embellishing for fall, most Americans opt for a triangle-eyed jack-o’-lantern with a toothy grinning. Talk about boring.

Why play it safe when there are so many adventurous pumpkin programmes swimming around? To truly take your embellishing abilities to the next level, ditch the pre-packaged hew kits and let your ability move free. There are plenty of opportunities to glam up every chamber of the house with some pretty pumpkin programmes.

To help you get started, here are 21 awesome crafts that will help give your home some autumn-inspired glamours. Follow the links in each heading to learn more from the aircraft masters themselves!

1. Instead of engraving your pumpkin, try using a drill to shape these extraordinary lanterns.

2. This graveyard diorama is the only cemetery I’ll be checking out after midnight.

3. Not all pumpkin projects required to scary. This Cinderella car is perfect for the princess in your household.


4. Use the force and try transforming your pumpkin into the Death Star.

5. Who doesn’t love glow in the dark decor during the spookiest time of year?

6. Bring the city to your farmhouse with skyscraper pumpkin artwork.

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7. For all the sassy homeowners out there, try building these pun-kins.

8. Write your own decorative tale with this wordy pumpkin craft.

9. These black cats won’t be dishing up seven years of bad intend luck.

10. A glittery pumpkin is out of this world.

11. Build a miniature fairy garden.

12. Forget your traditional table runner and use some pastel-painted pumpkins instead.

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13. Add a bit of grandeur to your residence with a floral moon design.

14. Starving? These donut pumpkins look good enough to eat.

15. And these confetti pumpkins will give you a reason to celebrate.

16. Simply wrapping a pumpkin in twine brings the rustic glam.

17. Set off a colorful explosion with this melted crayon project.

18. Add your favorite pearls to create a wholly blinged-out decoration.

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19. You can’t go wrong with this modern take over floral print.

20. This decorative pumpkin might make you a bit batty, but only because it’s so cool.

21. Live near the atlantic provinces? Make this nautical ship a try!

Now that I’m feeling stimulated, it’s time to become a pumpkin-decorating master.

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