The Top 10 Weirdest Science Stories Of 2015

2015 has been many things, from happy to melancholy, from tragic to uplifting. In the world of science, nonetheless, things haveoften been decidedly wacky. In honor of the stranger side of science, here are our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Tale Of 2015.

10 DARPA Are Building Vampire Drones

Image credit: notion w/ Shutterstock

Drones are everywhere these days. From taking elaborate selfies of snowboarders to drifting above lava lagoons, they are slowlybecomingan recognised aspect of life. It may come as a surprise, then, that the U.S. militarys scientific and technological wing wants them to disappear wholly. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency( DARPA) hasannounced that they are building drones that entirely disappear in sunlight.

They will be made of a specialized material that may be sublimate, turning directly from a solid into a gas, and leaving no trace of their existence. This could either happen when triggered to do so by the operator, or when the Sun comes up.Unsurprisingly, these little piloting machines have been referred to as vampire drones in the press.

9 Syrian Organization Removes Seeds From Doomsday Vault

Image credit: Mari Tefre/ Svalbard Globale frhvelv/ Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle prevents caches of native harvest seeds from almost every nation in the world in cases where an environmental calamity appears and we need to restart a commonwealths or several commonwealths agriculture. Sometimes referred to as the Doomsday Vault, it even has seeds in it from notoriously secretive, isolated nationslike North Korea.

However, due to the continuing civil conflict in Syria, the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas( ICARDA) which controls the Syrian seed bankhas required the withdrawal of its contribution to the vault. The 116,000 harvest seeds are to be taken from Svalbard and moved back to the ruined Syrian metropoli of Aleppoin order to replenish the war-torn countrys own diminishing gene bank.

8 Pigeons Have Been Taught To Spot Cancer

Image credit: Copyright Univ. Iowa/ Wassermann Lab

Sixteen birds at the University of California, Davis, have been trained to distinguish between microscope slides of benign and malignant breast tissue. They were rewarded with food for accurately influencing which was which, and in a remarkable presentation of rapid pattern detection, these common chicks learned how to diagnose breast cancer within merely a couple of weeks. They not only had an accuracy rate of 85 percentage after being training of merely 13 days, but when multiple birds were asked to analyze the same slide, their accuracy clambered to 99 percent.

Despite this, its unlikely youll walk into a hospital and realize birds piloting around with little white lab coatings on.

7 Lizard Grows Six Tails Simultaneously, Sets New world Record

Image credit: Pelegrin& Leo, 2015

Lizards are renowned for their remarkable ability to regenerate injury tissue. In particular, their tails are designed to fall off and develop back within days, the possibilities that is designed to perplex a predator hoping for a lizard-flavored snack. When threatened, a lizard can sever its tail between two particular vertebrae. A fracture seems along one of these weak structural phases; hemorrhaging is rapidly clotted and shut off, and the cellular regeneration of the tail tissue begins rapidly from the remaining stub.

One particular Argentine black-and-white tegu lizard Salvator merianae was found with a world record-setting six tails earlier this year. Researchers think that the regeneration process proceeded somewhat haywire when the original tail failed to completely fall off, inadvertently causing it to sprout multiple new tails. Even though it is looks pretty impressive, the numerous additions to its backside have likely rendered it unable to successfully mate with a female.

6 Did We Really Find An Alien Megastructure ?

Image credit: diversepixel/ Shutterstock

Astronomers lately saw unpredictable andhighly variable a difference in sunlight levels around an old sun by the call of KIC 8462852. Although a difference in light grade normally indicate an orbiting planet or the other star moving in front of it, the irregularity of these plunges convinced some people that it might be an artificial object thats causing the changes. Yes something made by foreigners, a tremendous construct blocking out the sunlight of a star.

Unfortunately, the truth turned out to be far less exhilarating and revelatory: Recent data suggests that it may be a swarm of comets that are breaking up into smaller and smaller fragments, swirling chaotically all over the sun. Therere no telltale signs of hot being given off by mechanical foreigner arrangements, so for now, we are still tantalizingly alone in the universe.

5 Decapitated Flatworms Constructed To Grow Heads Of Other Species

Image credit: Harald Schottner/ Shutterstock

Flatworms, like lizards, have incredible regenerative abilities. One particular species, Girardia dorotocephala, has been shown to be able to take this capability one bizarre step further: It is able to grow the heads and psyche arrangements of completely different species. This ability was persuaded byusing a kind of alcohol to electrically manipulate the flatworms’ nerve cell communications, or synapses. After a short while, they managed to grow their original heads back, all without changing their own genetic structure.

4 Flatworm Reproduces By Injecting Sperm Into Its Own Head

Image credit: Lukas Schrer

Flatworms make the listing twice this year, and for the right reasons: One species was found to reproduce by inseminating its own chief. Although this may sound somewhat counterproductive, this species is a hermaphrodite, meaning that it has male and female sex organ. Although this renders inbred baby, the researchers argue that its still better than not being able to reproduce at all. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3 Hundreds Of Thousands Of Antelopes Keep Suddenly And Mysteriously Dying

Image credit: Albert Salemgareyev

In two separate incidents, tens of thousands of jeopardized saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan have been dying en masse. The die-offs appear to have begun around the time the pregnant antelopes were giving birth. As the calves died soon after the mothers, researchers suppose it was something passed on through the mothers milk. Nonetheless, to date , no-one knows whats causing these massacres.

2 Man Fails Paternity Test Because His Unborn Twin Is His Sons Father

Image credit: isak5 5/ Shutterstock

If youre confused at merely the title, fret not: you aren’t alone. After a child was endure followingassisted idea, testing been demonstrated that his blood type did not match that of his parents. At first it was thought that sperm tests had been mixed up, but physicians discovered that the members of the fathers genome belongs to his unborn twin, which never shaped it past a few cells in the womb. This technically meant that the unborn friend of the father is the biological father to the baby son. This guy is, therefore, a bonafide human chimera: a fusion between two different people.

1 Man Dies When His Parasitic Worm Gets Cancer

Image credit: Peter Olson/ Natural History Museum

In a somewhat depressing but utterly unique story, a HIV-positive Colombian guy died in November after a common tapeworm inside his digestive system became cancerous. This is thought to be the first time that tumors have developed as a result of parasite-derived cancerous cells spreading to the host creature. The breakthrough, which has mystified medical researchers worldwide, was shaped merely 72 hours before the 41 -year-old man died.

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