The survival wild food of Cattail and its Pollen

 One of the most nutritional survival food – Cattail

You’ve most likely seen cattails increasing on the sides of marshes and also lakes, you’ve most likely never recognized that it could be a quite beneficial to your diet plan. It supplies a wide range of medical application and also distinct nutrients, several of which have actually been used for hundreds of years in Europe and America.


Health and wellness Benefits of Cattail

If you are the foraging cattails from the wild, you want to make sure that the water you’re gathering the plants from is not contaminated or not inactive, as cattails are understood to detox the water and thereby taking in those hazardous substances, making it unsafe to consume.

Antibacterial : One of  the advantages of cattail is its all-natural antibacterial properties. The jelly-like compound located in between the youthful fallen leaves could be utilized on injuries or open wounds. This very same jelly from the cattail plant is referred to as an effective analgesic and also could be consumed or used topically to alleviate discomfort and also swelling.

Skin Health: The wide range of nutrients and also natural substances located in cattails can be used to treat burnt skins, sores and to lighten marks or scars. It can also be used for insect attacks, where it has a anti-inflammatory function.

Disinfectant Application: One of the other useful advantages is that it can use as a all-natural disinfectant for homes.

Slow Bleeding: Various components of the cattail have coagulant (thickening) properties, decreasing the bleeding process. This is useful when you’re injured.


While we do not recommend going out and harvest any cattail you see, you could take adequate precaution as mentioned above.

Below is a video that shows how we can identify , harvest and cook it.



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