The internet has big plans for this chill surfer baby

Have a look at this infant chilling with shorts and shades, with his arms supporting his head onto a surfboard. This is an fresh baby.  

Picture: via reddit/whatsmyname2u

You must respect the baby lifestyle. The world wide web, likely envious of this baby’s unfazed demeanor, decided to Photoshop him into situations more suited to his or her vibe.

Some people believed it’d be a fantastic idea to put in a mini six-pack and some chest hair. Quite Baywatch, baby.

Picture: via Reddit / mandal0re

The infant also needed a beard and some arm pit hair.

Picture: via reddit / Mandal0re

The comfy infant just became a pretentious Abercrombie and Fitch model.  

Picture: via reddit / i_am_a_bot_ama

Someone chose to throw the infant for The Little Mermaid sequel.

Picture: via reddit / MrDildoDoodler

Ashad Khaled is not the sole baby allowed to chill at a jacuzzi.  

Picture: via reddit / Spankler

The chill baby is ready for lift off.  

Picture: via reddit / bonkavonk

The infant is finally adrift at sea with the surfboard.

The infant became a shooting star flying throughout the cosmos.

Picture: via reddit / i_am_a_bot_ama

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