The ‘Ides of Trump’ will inundate Trump with a massive postcard campaign

The White House is about to get a lot of mail.

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Donald Trump should be on the lookout for a great deal of incoming email from the resistance this week.

A huge postcard composing effort launched Wednesday, timed to go on March 15 the ominous time referred to as the Ides of March.

The “Ides of Trump” effort aims to find everybody gathering together to compose Trump a fast note articulating their concerns about different aspects of his presidency, in an attempt to flood the White House with correspondence.

Pink postcards (reminiscent of a pink slip) are a very favorite decision to email, but anything will do.

Notes should be addressed to “The President (for the time being)” and also the hashtag #TheIdesOfTrump lets him understand they’re part of this effort.

I’m only getting started. #theidesoftrump

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The independently organized occasion is flanked by two Californian resistance leaders and friends who have been inspired by telltale signals at Women’s March in January. And it has led to many letter-writing events across the country all with the objective of mailing tens of thousands of postcards to Trump and turning this into a regular thing.

#TheIdesOfTrump #Impeach45 deliver your information today! #resist

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It is easy to take part in the Ides of Trump, everything you need is some thing to say in your note. Organizers suggest unloading your frustration on many of issues from the environment to conflicts of interest and even “the existence of facts.”

Organizers don’t care what you need to say, provided that enough men and women put pencil to paper and show Trump that they aren’t OK with his policies.

Lots of people have shared their postcards online.

Just be sure to receive those letters from the email.

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